One Lump or Two?

One Lump or Two?

Travis Cloke and Nick Maxwell competing in a last-man-standing camel race…the winner to be named Collingwood captain for season 2008. (Source: Herald Sun-Michael Dodge)

If there is one indicator that footy is almost here, it is images of footballers…riding camels in the desert! Of course.

AFL Season 2008 kinda gets underway tonight with the opening match of the preseason competition between Collingwood and Adelaide, being played on a polo field in the middle of the desert just outside of Dubai. Hence the camel…or, as Travis described them, ‘the lumpiest horse I’ve ever seen’.

Oh, by the way…welcome to Half Back Flanker!


One response to “One Lump or Two?

  1. Hey Dude,
    Great looking blog. Always love to have more “user” generated Footy talk on the web! I will add you to my AFL Footy Aggregator at and hopefully might help build your audience!

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