Sunday Snappy Sunday

The NAP Cup had been entertaining but largely uneventful until yesterday’s final two matches, where things just got a little bit too snappy. It started with Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett running off at the mouth over a lack of consultation from the League as they plot to take over the world (Victorians with a political bent and long memories will appreciate the irony) and ended with potentially season-ending knee injuries to Sydney’s Nick Malceski and Fremantle’s Paul Haselby.

While the eight unsuccessful clubs can now prepare for the season proper away from the dazzling NAP Cup spotlight and without fear of being bombarded with inane questions by former Big Brother inmates turned boundary riders, there are four preseason comp quarter-finals to be played next week.

Can’t wait to see whether Channel Ten persist with Wes Denning, who even makes Ricky-O seem ‘polished’, on the boundary line for the Hawthorn-Carlton clash or perhaps produce another former BB contestant, like the dominatrix from season one.

Yesterday’s results:

Sydney come perilously close to winning a NAP Cup match; thankfully for them, Hawthorn hold on to win. The young Swans actually performed well but Paul Roos will be kicking himself that of all the first-team players he left out of the side, Nick Malceski was not one of them! Man, that sucks…

Fremantle claim early bragging rights over a youthful West Coast Eagles outfit that may have been inexperienced but more likely to be sober. And it seems sobriety will last at least one more week when the Eagles head to Albany for their practice match against Mick Malthouse’s poor, hard-done-by Collingwood.


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