The Next TV Rights Will Be Worth…One Billion Dollars!!! (Media Street)


Why am I surrounded by frickin’ idiots?

Andrew Demetriou, the League’s Dr. Evil, was forced to surface from his underground lair this week to address the issue of an expanded 18-team competition being put into place in time for the next TV rights agreement, as let slip revealed over the weekend by League Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick , who then must be the League’s Frau Farbissina? Or maybe Mr. Bigglesworth?

AFL Heavyweight

Of course, there might be one billion reasons why the League is very keen to produce nine matches a week for TV expand the competition into the developing markets. But the revelation has prompted an eruption of discussion pieces on the issue, sprouting opinions from various journos and frothy-mouthed presidents; see here, here, here, and here.

So how has the League responded to all this? “We told youse all last year…” So did sixteen club presidents all fall asleep during this presentation? Did they all tune out once Adrian Anderson started speaking?

One thing is certain…if the Gold Coast hope to make an immediate impact, they probably need this guy on board. As far as Kevin Sheedy for the Gold Coast, don’t count on it. But the Herald Sun will pump up the legendary coach at every opportunity that arises…not that they want to keep one of their own columnists in the news all year…oh no. Just wait and see what happens if (or when) Richmond suck it up early on…

One week into the NAP Cup and there has been a fair bit of injury carnage for Sydney and Fremantle already. But there are a few clubs counting the cost this week, though they have yet to find a way of blaming the new interchange limit rule.

The Bulldogs, in particular, seem to be promoting their injury woes…which, in reality, is just a late start to the season for Farren Ray and that’s all. But it does allow for some nice Dogs-bare bones-young pups story work.

It has taken three months for Carlton to finally announce that Chris Judd has been named as Carlton captain – a decision that would have taken approximately 0.12 seconds to make after finalising the trade. The Blues did their absolute best to stress that it was a close thing between he and Nick Stevens…and Stevens certainly had a good case. But it was always going to be Judd…

By the way, no Judd groin update…in case you were that interested. No, I didn’t think so.


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