We Have The Technology To Rebuild This Swan (Media Street)


(Nick Malceski will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.)


(Source: Sebastian Costanzo – The Age) 

Knees are all the rage in the footy media at the moment – but most of the knee news is of the ‘bad’ variety. Unfortunately, there has been a spate of season-ending knee injuries during the preseason (don’t be fooled by this ‘Dick Surgery’ headline – it is actually about a knee!) and the race is on to determine who or what is to blame.

Are there too many semi-serious matches during a month-long preseason? Is it the quality of playing surfaces at grounds in regional venues?  Scrapping the NAP Cup entirely to extend the regular season is a view shared by some; although this idea would not significantly reduce knee injuries anyway (since only two of the seven knee victims this year has been the result of an actual NAP Cup match), plus it would only barely improve the heavily-compromised draw situation.

But, most importantly to the League, what major sponsor would throw mega-bucks at a two-week practice match series that nobody would watch? As long as companies like NAB are prepared to pay for a nationally-televised four-week preseason comp, even though most clubs don’t care about the results or lifting a nifty trophy at the end, it is here to stay.

But the most interesting news comes from Sydney, where Nick Malceski has undergone a radical procedure that may allow him to take the field again this year – and as early as mid-May. The procedure is deemed to be risky and is even banned in France (which must be a big deal, I guess) but if it is successful, you can be sure that other clubs will consider the Steve Austin bionic-knee option in the future. Hopefully, the surgery includes the built-in bionic man sound effect

But in ‘good-knee’ news, Adelaide’s Trent Hentschel is getting closer to a return to football after a shocking knee injury in late 2006 that would have even made Steve Austin’s eyes water. The Crows have done pretty well this NAP Cup and the prospect of his return might just make Neil Craig’s top lip curl upwards ever so slightly. Well, there’s more chance of every footballer installing bionic knees than getting the hint of a smile out of this guy…


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