The Excitement Builds…

Screw the preseason…bring on the big boys!

Yeah, it’s building alright…about as slowly as it has taken authorities to find Pumpkin’s dad! Two Victorian sides clash tonight for the right to play off for the NAP Cup…though it would probably mean a trip to Adelaide if the Crows beat Hawthorn. Hmmm, is the three-hundred grand prize money really worth it?

Probably not, but who needs to watch football when we have footy ‘news’ to read about instead! Try these gems on for size…

Telstra Dome, Melbourne- 7:40pm (local): Essendon v St Kilda (Ch7)

The Bombers are having a kick-ass February on the field and trying to say the right things off it – they are really, really focused on the first real game of the season…but really, really want to win the NAP Cup too.

Well, you can’t have everything…and they won’t have two of their best players tonight, or their most photographed, for tonight’s semi final. But if they do manage to win, what we will have is a freakin’ overload of Baby Bombers references to look forward to next week…that never gets old!

St Kilda will be pleased with their preseason as well; two wins and most of their players have managed to walk from the ground unassisted and injury-free. No, seriously, Fraser Gehrig was the only casualty from their trip to Canberra. Kosi is fine, Maxy is fine…ok!

Big news for the Saints is that Nick Riewoldt has been picked to play and we all know how ready he is…but as long as he gets through the match without as much as a limp or a hobble, that would be way bigger than a NAP Cup final berth.





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