Sleep Well Last Night?

We Just Made This Guy A Millionaire

Hmmm, what shall I do with my millions? (Source: Getty Images) 

There will always be one man who sleeps sounder than you…Andrew Demetriou. The guy has doubled his wage in the space of two years as the League swims in money. Man, I’d hate to think what Adrian Anderson is earning in his role of…um, what is his role exactly?

Not saying that Andy D is not deserving of a shade under one-and-a-half million per season but he is leading the push to expand the competition to all corners of the country. That challenge will be the true test of his worth…because he is in for a real shit-fight!

Speaking of shit-fights, St Kilda find themselves one win away from the ‘prestigious’ NAP Cup after claiming a last-minute win over Essendon last night. Young Bomber Angus Monfries was pinged for diving on the ball right in front of goal, allowing the Saints to win by three points.

Considering the amount of free kicks awarded during the night, it was probably fitting that the match was decided on an umpires whistle…though the call was consistent with the countless other holding the ball decisions made so far. But both coaches will feel like winners todaybecause nobody got hurt

But the NAP Cup doesn’t have a credibility problem though…oh no. You just have to read today’s news to be convinced:

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide- 4:40pm (local): Adelaide v Hawthorn (FOX)

Adelaide will most likely host the NAP Cup final provided they beat Hawthorn tonight…a prospect that no doubt has South Australia giddy with excitement. Not that you could tell from coach Neil Craig – his focus is just on winning and not goals. Of course, you can’t have one without the other but the reporters in the room probably didn’t want to mention that. They just wanted to go home!

Clearly not fussed with the opportunity of winning the preseason cup in front of their fans, the Crows will be furious that the media are giving away their secret game plan for round one…because long-in-the-tooth midfielders moving forward has never been tried before…

Hawthorn will hope to play well but their main aim will be to avoid having another player suspended after Campbell Brown’s effort last week against Carlton. It’s a shame…because if there was one player you would want alongside you post-match in an Adelaide pub, it would be Campbell Brown.

The Hawks will also unveil new recruit Stuart Dew, fresh from one year of non-stop eating away of the game and looking to fill the role of an impact player. Well, if he accidently lands on 72kg youngster David Mackay tonight, Dew would definitely make an impact!


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