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Roos is under fire but…maybe the League should ask Richmond about lying down!

Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos; who, incidentally, is one of sixteen AFL coaches who do not take a ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude into the NAP Cup; is heading down to Melbourne today to fight a match-fixing charge. The League has decided that it needs to make an example of the Swans coach to protect the integrity of gambling dividends the preseason competition while Roos wants to end gambling on practice matches in order to prevent this situation from occurring.

Roosy feels the charge is a slight on his character but nobody outside of AFL House actually takes this accusation seriously anyway. If Sydney were that determined to lose, what the heck were they doing within two points of the lead in the fourth quarter?  And the call to end betting on NAP Cup games – well, we all know that’s just not happening!

If anything, the League should investigate Richmond for their shit-house effort (with almost a full-strength side, mind you) against a half-baked St Kilda in the first round of the NAP Cup. And with pick one in the preseason draft on the line in Round 22 last year, there was no way they were winning that one either.

Unfortunately, Andrew Demetriou has stated that there is no strict time-frame for this investigation, meaning this tripe could stretch on for a while…

In non match-fixing news:


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