The Greatest ****** Of All Time! (Media Street)

The Greatest ****** 

Greatest ever? Yeah, I know. (Source: Getty Images)

This guy might be top of the pile on a few lists at the moment but, on this occasion, it is purely for playing football. Wayne Carey has topped a list of greatest ever players released by the Herald Sun this week, kicking off endless discussion on who-shoulda-finished-where.

Mike Sheahan compiled the list and elected to place Carey at number one – mostly because he is worthy…but you sense that ‘fear of physical retribution’ was another deciding factor for the writer. Of course, this is just one man’s opinion and purely a fun exercise that generates some great content, particularly from old footballers who need to stay in the news in order to eat. 

However, there is not much chance of seeing or hearing from ‘the greatest’ right at the moment – he has been a bit busy of late. Sorry, he has allegedly been busy…

A quick reminder that there is a grand final being played tomorrow night. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Yep, the game we have all been waiting for…the NAP Cup decider between Adelaide and St Kilda. The Saints look set to take close to a full squad over to South Australia but are being ‘deliberately low-key’ about the match. Says it all really.   

The Crows, on the other hand, are taking a unique approach to the match, attempting to draw inspiration from the devastating defeat two years ago in the preseason GF against Geelong. I’m sure that the players will be out for revenge…that is, if they even remember playing that match in the first place!

If they really want to get fired up about winning a trophy, how about a preseason grand final parade through Rundle Mall? Wouldn’t that generate some excitement… 

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