And The Crowd Goes Mild…

Woo Hoo!This Sucks

Ross Lyon just couldn’t wait to get his hands on the cup…just like Grumpy Grant Thomas in 2004!

St Kilda have put football fans out of their misery by ending the preseason competition with victory in the NAP Cup final. The final siren triggered some highly unemotional scenes amongst the players, who were probably just relieved to not be running around in 30-plus degrees anymore.

But the win was well deserved and despite all the flak the NAP Cup generates, it sure beats having no footy at all. And what a great reward for the thousands of Saints fans who flocked from all over the country to South Australia flicked channels during the ads of Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed to witness this great event in club history…

At least there was a tight finish and also a little controversy when it appeared that the Saints forgot there was a fourth quarter to play. Plus, we had the annual ‘um…what are the rules again?’ moment when nobody; players, umpires or commentators; could figure out if a downfield free-kick constituted a nine-point goal attempt. This is in the fourth quarter of THE FINAL! And the crazy thing is…this time next year, nobody will remember what the rule is supposed to be anyway.

But for now, St Kilda can enjoy their win for a good half an hour or so, put up with the inevitable talk that they can go all the way (it’s an “uncontestable fact”, apparently) and get ready for ‘the real stuff’!

While the Saints and Crows sweated it out on Saturday night, the remaining clubs rounded out their preseason practice match series at venues all across the country. The highlight was undoubtedly the Great Unveiling at whatever they call Princes Park nowdays and the Carlton faithful celebrated the narrow practice match win with the type of enthusiasm usually reserved for September triumphs or, more recently, late season defeats that ensure priority draft picks.

In other Off-Broadway results:

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