Just Freakin’ Hurry Up Already! (Media Street)

Where Is Everybody?

Where the **** is everybody?

Well, we have all snoozed through four weeks of NAP Cup ‘action’, the players have been working hard on their punching skills and the media are writing off champions already. Footy season must be here…so, where’s the real stuff?

What do you mean it’s still TEN DAYS AWAY? What’s the holdup? Are we waiting for the groundsmen at AAMI Stadium to pick up all the post-NAP Cup celebratory confetti off the ground before we can start?

Nope. The first match is not until next Thursday night – a blockbuster between the two worst (or least-trying) teams in the comp last year. But what are we meant to do in the mean time? Eat some tasty snacks? Take in some fine art? Talk…to each other? ARE YOU INSANE?

Unfortunately, there is a wait of ten long, stupid days before the season kicks off but until then, we can always keep track on what Ben Cousins is up to these days, look forward to the return of all the football shows or read an endless flood of season previews. Hmmm, should probably do one of those…


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