Tell Us Something We Don’t Know… (Media Street)


According to this bloke…

Tanking? What’s That?





and the League will do…

…about it! 

So, what is this tanking business all about? Apparently, Carlton may not have gone balls-out to win a few games late last season. As a consequence, the Blues collected a priority draft pick which allowed them to grab the best young footballer in the country. It could then use it’s first round pick to either draft another promising young’un or as a bargaining chip to trade for a player…who just so happened to be Rebecca Twigley’s boyfriend!

Carlton people were far from shy about expressing their feelings about how important it was that their club lose games of football. And it has been happening for years…and not just at Carlton. But after allegations made by former Blues assistant coach Tony Liberatore on Thursday night’s Footy Show, and the priority pick system receiving the big thumbs-down from the players and coaches, the League must change the current system, right?

Guess what? It won’t change a damn thing. Carlton pleads its innocence, the League calls Libba in for a little chat and then no action will be taken. Sure, watching Libba attempt to call out his former employers was eyebrow-raising but without any concrete evidence; like, say, somebody at Carlton actually saying “Do Not Win”; the League won’t take these claims seriously.

“They didn’t say it…but you could feel it”…yep, that’ll stand up in court! He sounds just like Dennis Denuto from The Castle – he may as well just said “Um…it’s the vibe of the thing, your honour”. This ‘exclusive’ story does little for the reputation of the former Bulldog champ – and it’s not the first time a freshly unemployed footballer has come off the worse for agreeing to a Craig Hutchison ‘exclusive’.

What Carlton did happens every year in football leagues the world over – no chance of finals so experiment with your players, find out who has a future at your club and get ready for next season. It is the enticing reward for failure with the priority draft pick system that creates this perception of ‘tanking’. While it is not in the realm of match-fixing, it is not win-at-all-costs either. But it is clearly detracting from what our game should be about.

However, to scrap the priority draft system would mean the League admitting to some sort of mistake or error in judgement. And that is about as likely as Libba being the next senior coach of Carlton…or the Bulldogs, for that matter.

Lost in the post-Libba hysteria is news of greater significance for the competition and all lovers of football. It seems that Carlton will soon have two new opponents to not-try against after the League managed to win over the club presidents with its plans to expand the competition to eighteen teamsSome club presidents blew head gaskets when the proposal first came to light but come the meeting yesterday, they all swallowed their tongues.

All I can say is – that must have been one kick-ass powerpoint presentation!

In other news:


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