It’s Getting Closer!

Waiting For The Real Stuff 

We had to make do with watching The Club last weekend to get our footy fix …but fear not, the real stuff is almost here…

Not long now. It has been a tough weekend for all us footy tragics with virtually no on-field action of note…unless you count the new Collingwood captain nearly hurting himself in a VFL preseason match. Which you shouldn’t…a complete non-story.

So, however you managed to get through it; whether it was caring about some car race or watching The Club on ABC2 or even just staying out of the sun ; congratulations! Now you have just a few days left to endure before we have some actual football to talk about!

The Tony Liberatore tanking claims took a predictable (180 degree) turn over the weekend, the former Carlton assistant performing some type of back-flip over his allegation that the Blues deliberately lost games. Suggestions of clubs ‘tanking’ in order to receive higher draft picks have existed for years and during this time period, opinion pieces alluding to under-performance have been a dime a dozen. This ‘explosive’ story was meant to change all that…it won’t.

The point of difference this time was meant to be that Libba was an insider and could add some substance to the innuendo…ah, nope! Libba has diddly-squat so the League will call him in to make it look like it actually cares then take about two minutes tops to dismiss the claims and show him the door.

If the League actually cared about innuendo and the opinions of others, they would have scrapped priority picks eight years ago. Even though late season games where struggling clubs are rewarded for losing create much negative publicity for our game, as long as people keep showing up to cheer their team (or to cheer the opposition), buy food and beer etc…nothing will change.

Some non-tanking weekend reading:



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