Bottom Of The Barrell (2008 Season Preview)

The Half Back Flanker season preview is broken up into four categories – Top of the Heap, Scraping In, Missing Out and Bottom of the Barrel. But rather than pretend that we know anything about footy, let’s look at what the ‘experts’ are saying and then, in 25 words or less, sum up the fortunes for each side this year.

So, without further ado…in descending order of potential suckiness:


CARLTON: This season will be one of learning and discovery…just how many different nicknames will Chris Judd earn in 2008?

Half Back Flanker says: Won’t finish last but won’t make the finals…but it all depends on Juddy, the Juddster, Ol’ Judderoonie, the Juddmeister, King Judd, Mr Twigley, etc…


RICHMOND: The Tigers have been consistently mediocre for many years. If that is actually part of Terry Wallace’s five-year plan then most think he is on target again in 2008!

Half Back Flanker says: The Herald-Sun have already prepared their headlines pushing for Kevin Sheedy to return to Tigerland and will not be afraid to use them!

Tricky (Source:

WESTERN BULLDOGS: They fell in a heap last year and the off-field crew all hate each other…according to Libba. Is all not well at the Akermanis Retirement Village?

Half Back Flanker says: When any player over six foot is either injured or attacked by a stingray, it’s probably a sign that it’s not your year!

Go Dees (Source:

MELBOURNE: They might have been in existence for 150 years but the Melbourne Football are proving one thing – experience counts for little these days…particularly when you suck. But don’t take our word for it…

Half Back Flanker says: Melbourne will suck more than Richmond. Frankly, we are more interested in Robbo’s singing as well!


2 responses to “Bottom Of The Barrell (2008 Season Preview)

  1. This Devil's Workday

    When I came to this site and wanted to see what you were going to write about my team Richmond, I automatically clicked “Bottom of the Barrell”. Damn, I was right.

    At least Mike Sheehan seems to have some sort of bizarre optimism about Richmond. Wherever he gets that from I don’t know, but to be honest I think the guy is a dimwit.

  2. halfbackflanker

    Thanks for your comments! Well done to your Tiges tonight…nothing better than to start the year with a win.

    Maybe Mike Sheahan is not so dim after all…no, that can’t be right!

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