Missing Out (2008 Season Preview)

The Half Back Flanker season preview is broken up into four categories – Top of the Heap, Scraping In, Missing Out and Bottom of the Barrel . But rather than pretend that we know anything about footy, let’s look at what the ‘experts’ are saying and then, in 25 words or less, sum up the fortunes for each side this year.

So, without further ado…in ascending order of ‘close but no cigar’:

Silky and Smooth (Source: essendonfc.com.au)

ESSENDON: With a new coach and the departure of their bestest player ever, nobody seems to know what is going to happen with the Bombers…especially their own captain.

Half Back Flanker says: Apparently, the Bombers will be fast, intriguing, exciting and exude a new freshness…but still be crap. That will be worth watching…

Crow Killer (Source: realfooty.com.au)

ADELAIDE: The Crows were on the verge of premiership glory a few years ago until tennis-bogan Lleyton Hewitt divided the club and ruined everything. Have they missed out on the ultimate prize?

Half Back Flanker says: They are missing out…and it’s all Lleyton Hewitt’s fault!

Water Savers (Source: http://www.qwc.qld.gov.au)

BRISBANE: The Lions missed out last year but impressed with some big performances, particularly from reformed psycho Jonathan Brown. But are they good enough to get back in the eight?

Half Back Flanker says: We don’t buy it but as long as Browny is splitting packs, kicking goals or smacking innocent bystanders, all power to them.

Jam It, AFL! (Source: realfooty.com.au)

NORTH MELBOURNE: The Roos, as always, are being written off as a serious threat despite a prelim final last season. As they fight for survival, can they do it again?

Half Back Flanker says: We will write them off again and then look stupid when they finish top four – damn stupid Shinboner spirit…


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