This Is One Performance Carlton Should Have Tanked…

Bladder Problems 

Is Fev weeing on that football too? (Source:

Just be thankful that his latest indiscretion did not occur on-field…It seems that Brendan Fevola has done it again – and by ‘again’, we mean ‘something stupid’, not specifically ‘urinating on windows’. Fev just couldn’t wait until he found a quiet park, alleyway, the kitchen at home (or wherever he does it normally) and will now face the wrath of the Carlton’s player leadership group.

Well, at least you can’t accuse him of not trying!

Will Fev be suspended for Thursday night’s season opener? Being out well past 4am just days before the opening game is bad enough, and of course there’s that whole weeing thing, but would they really prevent him from playing in the The Great Unveiling?

Given the choice, if we could suspend any football figure, it would be the hulking figure of Craig Hutchison. It’s only two days before a proper AFL game has even been played and the desire to never see/read/hear from this guy ever again is extremely overwhelming. Of course, that won’t happen…but we’d settle for the guy being mistaken for a nightclub window every once in a while…ah, that feels better.

Anyway, we say that Fev will play on Thursday. However, he needs to take some time to develop some awareness…of CCTV cameras!

In non-dickhead news:


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