Round One – The Great Unveiling


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Holy crap…footy starts again tonight! Like, there’s going to be an actual game to watch! In fact, there will be two…how freakin’ awesome is this!

Well, it won’t be particularly awesome if you are trying to get out of Melbourne with the Easter holiday traffic and a massive crowd heading to the MCG for a 6pm start! But we all have greater concerns right now…like figuring out where the scarf is or picking a killer fantasy football line-up or trying to guess the winners in the opening round of the tipping comp without seeing the selected sides for the weekend.

Actually, tips are not our strong suit so we are probably better off knowing less…


TIGERS by 18: WHAT? But Judd’s playing for Carlton! Yes – it sounds crazy but the guy won’t be at his peak and Richmond’s side looks ok-ish. Maybe their preseason failures were just a ruse…hmmm, kinda regretting this tip already…

CATS by 28:The reigning premiers partied long and hard and there’s no guarantee that they will pick up where they left off last year; that is, kicking everybody’s ass. But they beat this team by 20 goals just six months ago. They couldn’t lose…could they?

PIES by 5: Not getting any of the hype of tonight’s game, which is rare for a Collingwood game, but could be the best of the round. Not game to tip Freo just yet…

SAINTS by 20: The way these sides attacked last year, five goals would have been enough to win. But the Saints won the NAP Cup so…they must be unreal!

EAGLES by 31: The Lions caused one of the biggest upsets of the season against the Eagles in Perth last year. We don’t think it will happen again but geez, the locals would go mental if it did…and that’s quite appealing.

CROWS by 2: It might be Brad Johnson’s 300th game but Adelaide have a habit of screwing things up royally for the Dogs. Plus, the Crows made the NAP Cup final so…they must be unreal!

HAWKS by 41: The Hawks are tipped for big, big things…Melbourne are not. But even with a number of players missing for hitting people kinda hard, Hawthorn should still be too good.

ROOS by 11: The Matthew Knights Experience is about to launch but his Bombers have not beaten the Roos since 2001! North love nothing more than to beat up on their annoyingly-rich neighbours and will probably do it again here.

Tonight’s action:


MCG, Melbourne – 6:10pm (local): Carlton v Richmond (TEN)

  • Channel Ten might be a little peeved that they cannot interview ‘the next Barassi’ for tonight’s telecast but come on, the guy has already been on The Footy Show this year to plug his new company and answer numerous probing questions about his girlfriend. You can’t expect a club captain to be interviewed twice in one year…fair’s fair!!


AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 8:10pm (local): Port Adelaide v Geelong (SEVEN)

  • What? There’s another game tonight? And it’s the Grand Final rematch? Cool. Sure it all went to shit for Port Adelaide in the big one last year but at least they get a shot at redemption straight away. And it is common knowledge that the Power are usually a 20-goal better side at home…
  • All this focus on the big Carlton debut of Judd…but what about the Great Unveiling of Paul Stewart? The guy is a second round pick from the 2006 draft and will debut for Port tonight. All the best to the kid…
  • But there is a tiny glint of hope for Port with Geelong big fella Brad Ottens out injured. With Steven King having moved on to break down mid-season for St Kilda, the edge in the ruck is clearly with Brendon Lade and the man with the silent ‘r’, Dean Brogan. Because of this, we can safely predict that Geelong will not win by more than 100 points this time.

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