Richo Is Here To Save Us All! (Round One – The Great Unveiling)

Not Messiah

Maybe he’s not the messiah after all…


…maybe it’s this guy!!!

After all the hype and Eastery talk of messiahs and saviours, the Great Unveiling turned into the Great Reality Check for Carlton. Richmond fought back to win last night’s season opener, prompting coach Terry Wallace to sound off about critics who predicted his side will be crap…after they were crap last year and crap in the NAP Cup.

Yeah, we beat Carlton…who have been even worse than us for the last five years – in your face, football world…IN YOUR FACE!’

While in South Australia, Port Adelaide gave Geelong a fright by getting within 100 points of the Cats in the Grand Final rematch. Premiership coach Mark ‘Bomber Cat’ Thompson was obviously relieved to escape from AAMI Stadium with four points and no broken limbs while psycho-coach Mark Williams felt his side should have won after a big second half.

Ease up, Choco – they may not have won but they improved by 110 points compared to the last match…that’s pretty darn good!

But after our first shot of football fever, we have to wait until Saturday afternoon for the next game. Until then, if you are in desperate need of a footy fix, the best we can offer up is Sandy Roberts appearing on the Good Friday Appeal with his shirt slightly unbuttoned… 

Ooh La La 

Well, we did say if you were desperate…

Just in case you have spent the last 18 hours in your car trying to get home from work; here is some other footy news:

Go Crows
Your new look Adelaide Crows!


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