What An Emotional Day (Round One – The Great Unveiling)

Party On 

Party on…you damn maniacs!

Richmond fans have been celebrating like idiots since Thursday night…and why not? They actually won a game…and who knows when that will happen again? And Geelong people are not that worked up over winning interstate…how times have changed!

But what about the rest of us? When will it be our turn to bark like rabid dogs at some blokes chasing a football? The Great Unveiling continues today with three very interesting matches, with another three to come over the next two days. It is the first Saturday of the new season – the first of many with arse parked on the couch, near the bar or within earshot of the radio and yelling like a damn fool at the footy. It’s…excuse me for a sec…it’s a little emotional…

Good luck if your mob is running around today…otherwise; be patient, reflect in the religious significance of this time (if that’s your thing), partake in a few choccy eggs (that’s more our thing) and get ready to cheer your boys on in the coming days!

Today’s action:


MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Collingwood v Fremantle (FOX)

  • Probably the most overlooked match of the opening round. Collingwood is the team that doesn’t appear to be good enough but usually delivers while Fremantle has the talent and experience but yet to make the most of it. Should be a great match – a much better standard game than that Judd love-in the other night.
  • New skipper Scott Burns won’t be able to lead his side today after withdrawing due to injury. It continues a long run of what could be described as a ‘Captain’s Curse’ for Collingwood. Nathan Buckley was dogged by injury for most of 2007 and for years before that, Bucks was also cursed with being so much better than the rest of us. And before that…um…Tony Shaw ran into a tree?
  • To Buckley’s credit, he developed into a great captain and writes about it in today’s Age – definitely worth a read;
  • The build-up to this match has been a little reserved, though both coaches tried to get it on earlier this week. But Mark Harvey wants to start off his first full season with a win and is trusting his experienced players to make it happen. Brave man.
  • Fremantle made no guarantees to former Bomber Mark Johnson when they picked him up last year but he will make his first appearance (in public at least) in purple today. Having had a long history of tussles with Jeff Farmer, Johnson could not make any guarantees that he wouldn’t try to punch Farmer in the head if they both played in the forward line. Johnson has been named in the back pocket.


Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): St Kilda v Sydney (TEN)


Subiaco, Perth – 5:40pm (local): West Coast v Brisbane (FOX)


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