Stay Away From Nick Riewoldt’s Underground Passage!(Media Street)

Are You There Nick? 

Nick? Are you down there? Can you hear us?

Tunnelling. Nick Riewoldt doesn’t like it. Matthew Richardson doesn’t like either. Craig Bolton has never even heard of it…and apparently he’s an expert. Yep, it’s this week’s Football In Crisis issue! So, what the heck is this tunnelling business anyway?

Sydney Game Plan

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney’s New Game Plan

Tunnelling occurs when a forward flies for a mark and the defender takes out the player’s legs whilst in the air. This happened more than once to Nick Riewoldt when Craig Bolton ran under him in the St Kilda-Sydney game, leaving him…well, shafted basically! 

Even though Riewoldt’s spectacular falls were by far the most interesting thing to happen in that game on Saturday night, the Saints are making a formal complaint about what they see as a deliberate tactic. The Swans are feeling victimisedagain.

So, what’s going to happen? The League will say that this was not a deliberate tactic but the umpires will start awarding free kicks on defenders standing under the airborne forward…starting right now. Well, they should have blown the whistle on these incidents with Riewoldt in the first place but clearly, the umps were too busy awarding frees for in-the-back to players who flop forward the instant a tackler makes contact.

Either way, if you think that Nick Riewoldt gets his fair share of free kicks already…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In non-tunnelling news:


One response to “Stay Away From Nick Riewoldt’s Underground Passage!(Media Street)

  1. it’s always possible it was faked – rumour is knights told him to try using his right boot once per match and to give at least two handballs per game. an obvious protest injury. if it wasn’t his PCL it would’ve been a flu or something else
    maybe they’ll take him into a brainwashing camp a’la clockwork orange, re-educating him, that he has TWO feet and could, theoretically, use either.
    love your work D-Train

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