Being Crap Is Kinda Cute…Sometimes (Round Two – Australia, You Bloody Beauty!)


Imagine if Steven Bradbury didn’t win that gold medal. The Aussie speed skater knew he wasn’t fast enough to beat the four other finalists but his tactic of cruising well behind the leaders and hoping they fell over worked a treat. Gold medal! National Hero! Footy game played in his honour!

But what would have happened if those other four competitors stayed on their feet (or skates) and the guy finished a distant last? We reckon two things:

  1. That the name Steven Bradbury will be remembered alongside that of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and Eric The Eel Moussambani;
  2. All three of those guys would just be thankful they don’t play for Melbourne!

Harsh? Maybe…but the Demons copped another beating yesterday and the new coach has a massive task ahead of him to salvage his side’s season…this after just two games! And you thought the four years between Olympics was a long, long time…try being a Melbourne supporter this season.

Just in case you were trying to find a spare $125 million yesterday and missed all the action, here’s what happened at the footy:

Today’s action:
Sydney 2000Sorry
SCG, Sydney- 1:10pm (local): Sydney v Port Adelaide (FOX)


PlaneAir Hostesses

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Geelong v Essendon (SEVEN)

  • The history of Australian aviation will be the focus of the Geelong v Essendon match at the Dome. Attempts to allow a series of old fighter planes to fly through the open roof and land on the surface have been scrapped because the roof will probably be closed…just in case it rains at any stage over the next five days.
  • Of course, Essendon have a long association with aviation – there’s Essendon airport, the nickname ‘Bombers’ and former coach Kevin Sheedy’s obsession with flying saucers!
  • And there is Geelong who…well, Avalon airport is not far from there…
  • When a football club is performing well, they are known to be ‘flying’. Geelong did this all of last year while Essendon unveiled a new-look playing style last week. Both clubs may be ‘flying’ right now but after this afternoon, who will have crash-landed?



MCG, Melbourne – 4:40pm (local): Richmond v North Melbourne (FOX)


One response to “Being Crap Is Kinda Cute…Sometimes (Round Two – Australia, You Bloody Beauty!)

  1. Enjoying the read, D. Keep up the good work!

    P.S Scott and Charlene? Unfortunately the Pies were the “Scotts” of the game 😦 Charlene was an able-bodied mechanic who went on to have an astronomical singing career (despite being talentless), whereas Scott was so hot for a while there (even with a mullet) and managed to just fizzle into nothing as time wore on.

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