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Party At Adrian Anderson’s House! (Media Street)

Hey, we just made 50 grand…party at AFL House! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

The 19th man saga from last Sunday’s North Melbourne-Sydney match came to a predictable end yesterday when the League slugged Sydney with a fifty-thousand dollar fine. While the Swans only have to pay half of that amount ($25,000 has been suspended), they keep the two competition points from the drawn result. But that loss of money will sting…they probably need it to pay for covering their home ground in foam!

The Kangaroos, who acted like they were cool with everything before the verdict, were understandably uncool afterwards but there is no hope of them being awarded all four competition points now. Obviously, all hell will break loose again in late August if they miss out on a finals spot by two measly points!

But this scandal now opens the way for the player interchange system to be further investigatedwhich will thrill Adrian Anderson no end. Plus, they now have twenty-five grand of Sydney’s money to spend on a sweet dress-up party!!!

In non-toga footy news:



Why Is Daniel Kerr Smiling? (Media Street)

Five weeks? That’s awesome – I can skip playing on Juddy, have a run in this Hall Of Fame match and then take a couple of weeks off…fricken sweet!!!

A pair of old tribunal favourites have again felt the wrath of the Match Review Panel after Eagle Daniel Kerr and Docker Josh Carr were handed hefty suspensions last night. Both players would consider themselves a bit unlucky…Scott West’s head was lurking threateningly within two metres of Kerr while Gary Ablett’s right leg is clearly a smart arse and really needed to be taught a lesson!

Cop that – you stupid leg!

Kerr can reduce his suspension from five weeks to three if he takes an early guilty plea but he may as well just have a five week holiday…after all, the Eagles have virtually given up this year anyway! Besides, the Eagles seem happy for him to do what he wants!

Josh Carr, on the other hand, should take the early plea and spend the time away thinking about how he lives his life…

Exhibit A!

It seems that the Sydney Swans may have had one extra player on the field in the closing moments of the draw against North Melbourne on Sunday. The AFL is going to investigate the alleged breach of the rules and the talking point from here is whether the club will be fined or even have those two competition points taken away!

This will become a big deal for a few days…which will do wonders for the profile of the competition in NSW as a good scandal is the only way the Swannies can get into the papers up there! Not the front page, of course – that is reserved for whichever TV ‘personality’ has a drug/sex/talent problem that week…Sydneysiders are more concerned about Todd McKenney’s possessions than Darren Jolly’s possessions!

In all honestly, they shouldn’t lose the points as it appears to be an innocent mistake. In fact, they should be rewarded in some way because not only did it help set up an inside 50, but they actually took a shot at goal. ANYTHING that creates a Sydney shot at goal should be applauded and encouraged!

More footy news, none of which is being investigated by Adrian Anderson:

Scoreboard! (The Lost Weekend)

Oh no! I’ve done a Nathan Brown and celebrated a win…what a dickhead!!!

What is with these footballers! Last week it was Richmond’s Nathan Brown who thought his team had won a drawn game…and yesterday it seemed that half the North Melbourne team had launched into the second verse of the club song before realising that they had finished level with Sydney! Dean Laidley actually thought his side had lost…let’s hope he didn’t break too many objects in the coaches box before he found out they had two competition points!

But if you ask Paul Roos’ wife, it should have been the Swans celebrating after Michael Firritto laid a finger on what would have been a Brett Kirk match-winner in the final minute. But Roosy himself is happy to move on without calling for the use of technology or an extra pair of eyes on the goal line. Besides, he needs to work on finding a way for his side to kick more than eight goals when they play at the Telstra Dome! But at least Adam Goodes is playing well again

Hey, we managed to find two winners in the other games yesterday:

A quick stroll down media street for some news:

Time Off For Daniel Kerr (Round Six – Medals For Everyone!)

Clearly Daniel Kerr does NOT want to play against Chris Judd next week!

What is going on with these Saturday night games? First it was Barry Hall who did something stupid and now it looks like West Coast midfielder Daniel Kerr is in trouble again after an incident with old Dog Scott West at the Telstra Dome last night. Kerr appears to lead with his head and collect West, who was a little worse for wear afterwards…

West was ok after the incident…though his eye was incredibly thirsty!!!

Amazingly, Brent Staker was also reported for striking in his first game back after he was sensationally KO’d by the Hall hit,…do you think that a plea of delayed concussion would work for him at the trubunal?

After the physical stuff died down, the Doggies clicked into gear and steamrolled a struggling West Coast Eagles outfit to remain unbeaten. John Worsfold’s mob have only won one match so far and if Eagles fans are sucking at the moment, just wait until they see this on Friday night…

Chris Judd in the navy blue…

Two more results from yesterday:

Today’s action in Medals For Everyone round:
GABBA, Brisbane – 1:10pm (local): Brisbane v Melbourne (FOX)


Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): North Melbourne v Sydney (SEVEN)


Feel the Love baby…FEEL THE LOVE!

MCG, Melbourne – 4:40pm (local): Hawthorn v Richmond (FOX)

Hirdy…Come Back!!! (Round Six – Medals For Everyone!)

Paul Medhurst receives a medal for getting the hell out of Fremantle!

Anzac Day celebration – great. Footy game – fizzer! Unless you are a Magpie fan, of course. That’s the wash-up of yesterday’s events as Collingwood destroyed Essendon at the MCG in the traditional Anzac Day game. Former Docker Paul Medhurst took a liking to the big occasion and the mostly unchallenged supply of ball to win the ‘James Hird’ medal for best-on-ground, in what must have been his proudest day since he boarded a plane and left the basket-case that is Fremantle behind for good!

Former Essendon golden boy James Hird spoke golden words to the Bombers before the match but the magic faded after about half an hour or so. Matthew Knights lamented his side’s poor showing during his post-match press conference, even throwing in the word ‘plethora’ at one point – going to show we are definitely in a post-Sheedy world.

But at least the news can only get better for Knights from here…or not!

The other match last night did not have the tradition of Collingwood-Essendon but it least they had a true contest. Actually, the Fremantle-Geelong game was a classic! Down 25 points at the last change, the Cats tore the hearts out of the locals to steal victory by one point. Freo skipper Matthew Pavlich had the chance to be the hero with a set shot at goal in the final minute but guess what happened…


It’s like Geelong couldn’t lose right now if they tried! Mark Thompson certainly felt that his side didn’t deserve to win…and that news would not have pleased a clearly bewildered Mark Harvey. Harvs wouldn’t have been in the best of moods before the game had he watched his old mob get towelled up by a guy who could still be playing for Fremantle. Instead, he has a team sitting on one win and instead of Medhurst, he has Chris Tarrant doing…whatever it is he is doing!

‘Medals For Everyone’ Round continues today with three matches:


MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Carlton v Adelaide (FOX)

The Big Q loves dining out on the Doggies!
Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): Western Bulldogs v West Coast (TEN)


Eyes on the prize, baby…eyes on the prize!

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 7:10pm (local): Port Adelaide v St Kilda (FOX)

Round Six – Medals For Everyone!

James Hird’s medal collection

Round six kicks off today with two matches, including the now traditional Anzac Day meeting between Collingwood and Essendon. Debate rages every year over whether the same two teams should play on Anzac Day but the Pies and Bombers have built up a fine tradition and are always mindful to pay solemn respect to those people who fought and died for us on this day.

One of the highlights of this match is that the best-on-ground is awarded the Anzac Day medal…most of which are hanging on the wall at James Hird’s place. But is it fair that the medal, which has grown in stature as this tradition builds, can only be won by a Collingwood or Essendon player?

So why doesn’t the League just award medals for each of the games this weekend? It’s probably not appropriate to hand out Anzac Day medals for games played after April 25th but there have been plenty of other themed rounds, trophies and medals introduced lately…

So, we here at Half Back Flanker are awarding a medal for each match this weekend! And because the Anzac Day medal became known as the ‘James Hird medal’ after a series of dazzling performances on the big stage, each medal will be named after a player who did kinda good in recent clashes between the two sides.



PIES by 16: James Hird can get involved all he likes but he can’t bail out the Bombers this Anzac Day!

CATS by 31: Wouldn’t it be a typically Fremantle thing to do for them to pull out a big game and beat the premiers at home but then go on to suck the rest of the year!

CROWS by 18: The Blues are on the improve but three straight wins? It couldn’t happen, could it?

DOGS by 27: Dogs should stay undefeated but wouldn’t another draw be amazing! Robert Murphy would get even freakier if that happened

POWER by 35: Now that they have actually won a game, the Power might get on a roll. They need to if they want to finish top-two again.

LIONS by 45: This would make it three crushing losses in seven days for Russell Robertson – what a crappy week!

SWANS by 11: Hard to see this match being anything but ugly…which means Sydney are specials to win.

HAWKS by 26: Forget the karma – something else will catch up with Terry Wallace this weekend…Buddy Love!!

Today’s action:


MCG, Melbourne – 2:40pm (local): Collingwood v Essendon (TEN)

  • Let’s hope we get to see that guy in action again real soon!


If you win the medal, can I drape it around your neck? Please!

Subiaco, Perth- 6:40pm (local): Fremantle v Geelong (SEVEN)

Time To Geek Out With Super Coach and Dream Team (Fantasy Footy)

Yeah, nah – the boys are going well but we’re just taking it one game at a time!

You love footy, you have a computer (obviously)…so you probably already know what this fantasy footy business is all about. There is no doubt that selecting a team of players and hoping they rack up the stats has changed the way many people follow the game…as if most of us needed any more incentive to watch games of footy anyway!

So Half Back Flanker has teams in the Herald Sun Super Coach and AFL Dream Team competitions and will provide updates on their progress during the season. While the teams will not be a threat to actually win these comps, league honours are up for grabs so we will report on who is firing, who is letting the team down, killer trades and big mistakes.

Week two of the league season has been completed and it was mixed results for the two HBF outfits. Here’s a run-down of what happened:

Super Coach: 10,008 points, 15,080th place overall – only a mere drop of 12,000 spots from last week…what a freakin’ disaster!

League: 4 points (1-1), 109.82% – 4th place.

Last Start: Lost to samstars 1,758 to 1,683

Good: Chad Cornes, Bradshaw, Brent Harvey, Houli and Cyril Rioli all 100-plus. New addition Ben McKinley with a 94 and price increase of 93 grand!

Bad: Richmond’s dumping of Joel Bowden and subsequent good performances. His career may not be in danger but looks like his days as a fantasy footy must-have are over.

Ugly: Pavlich and Heath Shaw only managing 28 points each? Chuck in poor returns from Jono Brown (37) and Brad Johnson (40) and that’s lotso money for little return. Browny might think he’s worth six million bucks but his fantasy stats this season don’t back that up!

Next opponent: 10th placed Dan’s Dominators

Potential changes/trades: Might be time to cut losses on Joel Bowden. And what about Brad Johnson? The guy is carrying an injury and worth top-dollar but having used six trades already, do we burn two more this week on Jonno and Joel?

Time to go…Joel?

Dream Team: 9,276 points, 2,388th place overall – up by around 1,500 or so, gotta be happy with that!

League: 8 points (2-0), 114.96% – 1st place

Last Start: Defeated feathers flyers 1,917 to 1,600

Good: Big names (both Cornes boys, Bradshaw, McLeod, Cox, Riewoldt) all fired. Bryce Gibbs was a late withdrawal but Rhys Palmer chalks up 107 as an emergency – love that kid!

Bad: Brad Johnson and Pavlich down, Griffin and Nicoski quiet, is Josh Hill on the slide?

Ugly: Matthew Whelan’s punch on Fev sees him miss a week but with Joel Bowden and Scott Selwood little to no chance of playing this week, we’re down a defender already! Bye bye Joel? Hmmm, might wait until the teams are out first…

Next opponent: 10th placed Scottish Boys

Potential changes/trades: Unless Bowden is selected to play this week, he is gone! Having only used five trades in this comp, Brad Johnson might be gone this week too…particularly as Stuart Dew is still injured and sitting on the bench.

Who doesn’t love Rhys Palmer!