No Festival Of Laughs On The ABC (Media Street)


How much rope is enough?

Some awesome TV last night, huh! There were so many viewing options that it was difficult to decide what to watch. You had the fat-blasting exploits of The Biggest Loser, drama on the high seas with those salty dogs from Sea Patrol and don’t forget Border Security – because there is nothing better than a good body cavity search right around dinner time!

But it wasn’t just drama – there was plenty of comedy on show last night as well. That old favourite South Park, the mildly offensive Drawn Together and the highly offensive Power of 10! And then there was the TV event we have all been waiting for…the Melbourne International Comedy Festival gala! Some great comedians, a lot of laughs and no Steven Jacobs – perfect viewing!

But if you felt the need to grab the remote about an hour into the gala; maybe there was a commercial break or maybe Julia Morris was on; and flick over to the ABC…oh boy!

Andrew Denton’s warts-and-all interview with Wayne Carey on Enough Rope was a pretty grim affair. Not a lot of laughs to be had…even for the biggest of Carey detractors. But an absolute shite-load of people checked it out and just in case you missed the whole thing (please don’t say you were watching Dirty Sexy Money instead!), here is a full transcript! Warning: you might need a cup of tea or a comfy chair – it will take a while.

The media outlets are all over the story today and each finding a different controversial angle to highlight:

The interview was definitely enlightening, particularly for those of us who had little idea about his upbringing and family life…even those people who knew him well would have learnt a thing or two! But it is still debatable just how truthful some of these admission were…and the suggestion of doing that cover story with New Idea for ‘no payment whatsoever’ is tough to believe. He would want to have been paid considering the negative impact it had

So what now? Guess we wait for the next installment…coming soon to a courtroom near you.

In non-alcoholic news:


2 responses to “No Festival Of Laughs On The ABC (Media Street)

  1. This Devil's Workday

    Leigh Matthews says he wants the AFL to end the betting because then “innuendos wouldn’t exist”.

    Yep, because the AFL is going to cut off a serious money-making business relationship so coaches don’t feel anxious and cop media banter about fixing games which most people don’t believe happens anyway.

    Just because he says so, lol.

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