Round Three – Hate Ya Guts!

Smash HimGo On Belt Him!

Belt ‘im! Go on, smash the bastard!


The opening two rounds have been all about celebration. The unveiling of new faces and exciting talents, the joy of a new season, the prospect of finals football and greater honours. Well, forget all those fluffy little thoughts – it’s time to inject some hatred into season 2008. Pure hatred!

Yep, it’s time for some heated football rivalry – Hate Ya Guts round! Sure, some feel that the League’s insistence on having all these themed weekends is a little gimmicky but, geez! The League has all these marketing gurus – you can’t leave them just sitting there, can you? Somebody needs to generate reports for Adrian Anderson to read and keep this guy occupied. It’s better off that they are about how the fans loved ‘Rivalry Round’ than ‘we need to tinker with the rules more…even if it’s not very successful’!



SAINTS by 37: It will be close for a while but St Kilda will eventually kick Aker and his Doggies right in his deliberately fattened-up arse!

HAWKS by 29: Expect to see a complete reversal from last year’s final…except that with Crawford still suspended, Daniel Harris can’t smack him in the head as payback.

EAGLES by 14: Will Chris Tarrant finally remember how to play football and lead the Dockers to victory? Um…no.

LIONS by 21: Paul Roos reckons the Lions are as good as they were a few years ago…if that’s true then Roosy and his Swans are screwed;

BOMBERS by 8: Apparently Essendon have confronted a few of their problems after being flogged by Geelong. Provided one of the problems they faced was the fact they choke against Carlton every year, they just might do the job here.

DEMONS by 45: You nearly crapped yourself then, didn’t you! Sorry, very late April Fools joke – CATS by ONE GAZILLION!

MAGPIES by 30: Richmond coach Terry Wallace loves cooking up kooky plans about football…it’s just winning those games that he has a little trouble with!

CROWS by 11: Who doesn’t want to hear what Mark Williams has to say if they lose the Showdown and are 0-3! He will definitely say something crazy…can’t wait!

Tonight’s action:



Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): Western Bulldogs v St Kilda (SEVEN)

  • There doesn’t seem to be a whole lotta hate between these two sides. If they share anything, it’s the bond of being continuously discounted as big time players in the competition. They did almost face off in the 1997 grand final but that didn’t quite work out…for either of these teams!
  • The Dogs tried to get bigger and stronger over the off-season but see this match as a good test to see if “hopefully we can show that hardness on Friday night“. No mention of rivalry, no taste of bitterness…where’s the hate fellas?
  • Then again, there was this incident back in 2003 -yeah, pretty nasty…that’s more like it!!!
  • But you can’t promote a game between bitter rivals if Robert Harvey is playing…everybody loves Harvs and he’s kinda old so nobody wants to smash him!
  • As far as hatred goes, the Saints could draw on Robert Murphy’s journalistic exploits as a source of inspiration…anybody who says things like “boy oh boy” or admits to loving the movie Notting Hill is just asking for special attention!

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