A Weekend Of Hate! (The Lost Weekend)

Hands off fellas – all these balls are mine! (Source: Getty Images – Quinn Rooney)

Ah, the hatred – so therapeutic! Hate Ya Guts round is done for another year and apart from a few exceptions, the weekend delivered quite a few top games with plenty of argy-bargy. That Essendon-Carlton game, even though it was entertaining and high-scoring, really lacked the intense hatred that traditional and bitter rivals should feel for each other. No punches, no reports…what in the world is wrong with these guys?

Thank goodness for the Western Derby and the Showdown! Those games were brutal, compelling and the hatred was always evident – great games!

But it seems there may have been an unsavoury incident during Friday night’s Bulldogs-Saints match where Hate Ya Guts round turned into Grab Ya Nuts round! There may be trouble for Robert Harvey (the last person you’d expect to be grabbing people there!) after the umpire received a complaint from Jason Akermanis (the last person you’d expect that anyone would want to grab there!)

Good luck to the League officials who would have to investigate this one…bags not inspecting Exhibit A! And for those of you who were wondering, the television footage of the incident was inconclusive…meaning that they couldn’t find anything. Obvious joke, yes – but it needed to be said.

In other results yesterday:

A few stories floating around today:


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