Please, No More Talk About Aker’s Bits! (Media Street)

Hey Sammy Lane...Wanna Write A Story About My Coccyx?

Hey Sammy Lane…Wanna Write A Story About My Coccyx?

Last week, it was his butt. On the weekend, it was his nuts. Is it just us or are we all learning just a little bit too much about Jason Akermanis than is required? Thankfully, Robert Harvey has been cleared of any wrongdoing – whether that means anyone can just give them a squeeze or not, who knows?

But the Saints veteran apparently told him to grow up moments after the alleged nut-grapple. Aker – grow up? There’s probably more chance of Matty Knights ordering all 22 of his Essendon players to grab a handful of the guy on Friday night!

Away from testicle matters, let’s look at how that whole League expansion movement is coming along:

In other news that does not involve incestual relations(actually, we’d prefer stories on Aker’s nuts to this!) :


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