Round Four – Bite Ya Nails!


Oh my God…I just tipped Melbourne to win!!!

When you look at the match-ups for this weekend’s round of footy, it makes you wonder whether the League accidentally scheduled Rivalry Round on the wrong weekend! Check it out; Collingwood v Carlton – decades of hate. Sydney v West Coast – every game decided by less than a goal. Brisbane v Port Adelaide – well, who doesn’t automatically think Alastair Lynch v Shane Wakelin?

But it’s not just rivalry that all these clubs seem to have in common – what about Leo Barry’s mark to deny West Coast in the 2005 grand final? Or Buddy Franklin tearing the heart out of the Adelaide Crows in last year’s finals series? At second glance, there’s also quite a history of tight finishes…hey, let’s have a another goofy theme round!

So if last week was Hate Ya Guts round, tonight sees the start of Bite Ya Nails round! It will be jangles nerves for everybody – whether your team is up by a goal in the final term or your least favourite player is trying to pinpoint passes across the face of his own goal. Or, for example, perhaps your extremely nervous about lawyers ruining your competition by challenging the rules on free agency.

But if the nerves are getting to you or your fingers start bleeding, don’t worry – two hours of footy and it will all be over! Well, except for that free agency thing…



BULLDOGS by 6: Both teams can rack up the points – we might see the first ever game where both sides score 200 points each! (Edit: Lloyd is out…so only one team will score 200 points now!)

CATS by 1: Well, the Saints have so many freakin’ problems right now that they couldn’t possibly beat the Cats, could they? Probably not…but it will be close.

ROOS by 3: The Demons are taking pride in losing by less and less every week – what a great opportunity to lose by less than a goal.

SWANS by 2: No matter how many Eagles miss through injury, this game will go down to the wire. It just has to.

POWER by 5: Another loss for Port and the Gold Coast might start looking a little more attractive for Chad Cornes!

HAWKS by 4: A win and anything less than two players being reported would be a satisfying day for Hawthorn!

MAGPIES by 1: Carlton will push them but not even Richard Pratt has enough dough to buy his club a win at the moment.

DOCKERS by 6: They say Chris Tarrant is happy in the west but win, lose or draw, don’t be surprised if he tries to smuggle himself back to Melbourne by hiding in Matty Richardson’s suitcase!

Tonight’s action:


The Year of the Great Flood

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): Essendon v Western Bulldogs (SEVEN)


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