Barry Hall Does Something Stupid…2008 Edition (Round Four – Bite Ya Nails!)

Here ya go, son…bite these nails!!!

Well, Bite Ya Nails round has been a big, fat failure so far with no final minute heroics and every game decided by at least 20 points. At least the Bulldogs and Lions each stormed home in the final term to claim victory but the other results were pretty clear by half time.

But forget all that…what the f%@# is up with Barry Hall? The guy is back in form after a shocking 2007, his side has started the year well and he does this? What’s going on in that big bad bustling Barry brain of his?

The Swans had no trouble disposing of West Coast but the chances of Hall playing in the next few weeks are virtually zippo. Even if a modern day miracle occurred and no sentence is handed down, Bazza would still miss a few weeks after, and this is not a joke, possibly breaking his wrist on a metal railing?

Carefull Bazza…you almost made me spill my beer!

What a bizarre night in Sydney…we literally cannot remember a single thing that happened involving an actual football! What could happen at the footy today to possibly top all that? Carlton winning perhaps?

Just in case you have a Brent Staker sized headache and trouble remembering what happened yesterday, here’s what happened:

Today’s action in Bite Ya Nails round:
Aurora Stadium, Launceston – 1:10pm (local): Hawthorn v Adelaide (FOX)


MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Carlton v Collingwood (SEVEN)

  • The Wayne Harmes tap-on is one of the ultimate Bite Ya Nails moments in the history of the game…we know this because they made an ad!


Richmond clearly didn’t need to keep a match winner…

Subiaco, Perth – 4:10pm (local): Fremantle v Richmond (FOX)


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