Do Not Adjust Your Internet…The Blues Won A Game! (The Lost Weekend)

How the f*@% could we lose to Carlton? Somebody is going to get a Jessica Rowe style ‘boning’ for this!!!

This is not a prank…Carlton did indeed beat Collingwood at the MCG yesterday! With the record for consecutive losses in sight, the Blues shocked the massive crowd by leading pretty much from start to finish to win their first match since round 11 last year. No wonder Eddie McGuire looks like he’s about to blow a head gasket!

Brendan Fevola starred again with seven goals and has now kicked 15 goals in two games since announcing his career-long alcohol ban. Let’s hope he stays off the drink and keeps kicking ass on the field – provided he survived the temptation of a post-victory beer last night…

All up, a dramatic weekend of footy but without a single close finish, the Bite Ya Nails theme was clearly an abject failure – a total flop. On that basis, expect the AFL to adopt it in 2009!

After sending the football world into a right tizzy on Saturday night, Barry Hall held a press conference yesterday afternoon to announce how sorry he was for knocking Brent Staker halfway into next week!

Look, I’m not sure why I did it…the coach reckons it was a brain fade but I think it was just a mind explosion. Either way, I nailed him pretty good. Oh yeah, I’m sorry and stuff.

Hall seems to think the incident was triggered by some type of mind explosion and is ready for whatever punishment he is served by the AFL. That punishment is certain to be an extended stint on the sidelines…unless the tribunal allows Staker’s parents to break his other wrist!

In other results yesterday:

Some footy stories that have nothing to do with Barry Hall belting somebody:


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