Seven Weeks, No Barry…Can We Move On Now? Please? (Media Street)

Seven weeks alone in a shed full of tools! (Source: Fox Sports – Paul Tresize)

Ok, Barry Hall has been suspended for seven matches and, in true fighting fashion (and absolutely no sense of irony), he’s going to cop it on the chin. Brent Staker’s jaw is not broken and the kid may play this weekend, that’s good news. So perhaps it’s time to move on now. The question is…will we be allowed to?

Certainly today we will have to endure many ‘related’ news pieces; like calls for a send-off rule or asking ex-footballers who loved hitting blokes what they think or how it’s a shame that he didn’t get six matches so his comeback game would be against West Coast in Perth. Hmmm, come to think of it – that is a bit of a shame! But let’s hope the issue is dead and buried for a little while and we can now turn our heads in public without catching sight of the face of Barry Hall …

But what do we talk about now? How about the teams for that upcoming Hall of Fame celebration-match-thingy? The Victorians and the Dream Team each named 40-man squads yesterday and that is prompting the usual selection screw-up banter. From Daniel Cross and Lindsay Gilbee in the east to Roger Hayden in the west, the debate over who should and shouldn’t play is alive and well.

Narrowing those lists of 40 down to the final 25 is not that easy but you should get in there and have a go! Sure beats carrying on about Barry Hall for the next week…

Maybe playing selector isn’t your thing, there is other news about:


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