Dogs and Tigers Sharing The Love! (The Lost Weekend)

Woo hoo – we’re in front by heaps! We’re gunna win for sure!!!

Not so fast, Richo! Sure, Richmond look primed for a vital win against the unbeaten Bulldogs yesterday when they led by 25 points in the final term. But it seems the Tigers pressed the ‘piss-fart around’ button a bit too early and the Doggies capitalised to close the gap to six points with two minutes left.

In stepped Brian Lake who flew high for a pack mark in the final minute and then dramatically faked a leg injury in order to avoid having the pressure shot at goal. So the responsibility to level the scores fell to the big angry bloke Will Minson…and he kicked truly to steal a draw!

The dramatic ending was not only thoroughly entertaining but it set up this priceless little sequence at the final siren where Nathan Brown celebrated victory before realising the score!

Yeah!!! We won!! We F@&#ing Won!! Suffer in ya jocks, Dogs!!! Yeah!!!!!

Wait a sec…um…why do the Dogs have the same number of points as us?

Oh…we didn’t win, did we! And I just acted like a total knob, didn’t I!

F@&#! F@&#ing F@&#itty F@&# F@&#!!!

There were two other games from yesterday…and two outright winners and everything:

Forget thinking about the state of the nation – here are some real stories:


4 responses to “Dogs and Tigers Sharing The Love! (The Lost Weekend)

  1. This Devil's Workday

    When I heard the “you bash your f@&#*$ missus” on television, I could’ve sworn one of the players said:


    I originally thought that’s what the commotion was about – a strange insult.

  2. halfbackflanker

    Great call! A dispute over children’s TV shows – maybe Nick Riewoldt took offence at Andy Lovett being a ‘Dora the Explorer’ guy…

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