Neitz Cops It In The Neck (Media Street)

What hurts more…a career-ending neck injury or a series of dumb-ass questions from Hutchy?

This is supposed to be a season of great celebration for the Melbourne Football Club in their 150th year of existence. But nothing has gone right for the Demons – on the field or in the board room. Shit, even Paul McCartney and Heather Mills would have a happier anniversary than this lot at the moment!

And it only got worse yesterday when it was revealed that skipper David Neitz hurt his neck on the weekend and has been placed on the long term injury list. Neitz will now definitely retire at season’s end but hopes to at least take to the field again for the last handful of most-likely meaningless games. Sad way for a club champion to go out.

But things are so bad down at the Demons that Russell Robertson making the Grand Final of a reality TV show will probably be the most positive thing to happen for them all season! And even then, he will probably get beaten by Julia Morris…and frankly, we’d prefer a persistent neck injury to that!!!

Would I prefer to concentrate on just playing footy? Hahaha…what do you reckon! 

Just in case you have been too busy impressing your girlfriend by landing a helicopter in her backyard (honestly, us guys will go to any lengths in order to get some action!):



One response to “Neitz Cops It In The Neck (Media Street)

  1. Rusell Robertson on It Takes Two is about all that the Demons have going for them. Did you see Cameron Bruce running into an open goal and then kicking it out on the full!

    Go Dees

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