Time To Geek Out With Super Coach and Dream Team (Fantasy Footy)

Yeah, nah – the boys are going well but we’re just taking it one game at a time!

You love footy, you have a computer (obviously)…so you probably already know what this fantasy footy business is all about. There is no doubt that selecting a team of players and hoping they rack up the stats has changed the way many people follow the game…as if most of us needed any more incentive to watch games of footy anyway!

So Half Back Flanker has teams in the Herald Sun Super Coach and AFL Dream Team competitions and will provide updates on their progress during the season. While the teams will not be a threat to actually win these comps, league honours are up for grabs so we will report on who is firing, who is letting the team down, killer trades and big mistakes.

Week two of the league season has been completed and it was mixed results for the two HBF outfits. Here’s a run-down of what happened:

Super Coach: 10,008 points, 15,080th place overall – only a mere drop of 12,000 spots from last week…what a freakin’ disaster!

League: 4 points (1-1), 109.82% – 4th place.

Last Start: Lost to samstars 1,758 to 1,683

Good: Chad Cornes, Bradshaw, Brent Harvey, Houli and Cyril Rioli all 100-plus. New addition Ben McKinley with a 94 and price increase of 93 grand!

Bad: Richmond’s dumping of Joel Bowden and subsequent good performances. His career may not be in danger but looks like his days as a fantasy footy must-have are over.

Ugly: Pavlich and Heath Shaw only managing 28 points each? Chuck in poor returns from Jono Brown (37) and Brad Johnson (40) and that’s lotso money for little return. Browny might think he’s worth six million bucks but his fantasy stats this season don’t back that up!

Next opponent: 10th placed Dan’s Dominators

Potential changes/trades: Might be time to cut losses on Joel Bowden. And what about Brad Johnson? The guy is carrying an injury and worth top-dollar but having used six trades already, do we burn two more this week on Jonno and Joel?

Time to go…Joel?

Dream Team: 9,276 points, 2,388th place overall – up by around 1,500 or so, gotta be happy with that!

League: 8 points (2-0), 114.96% – 1st place

Last Start: Defeated feathers flyers 1,917 to 1,600

Good: Big names (both Cornes boys, Bradshaw, McLeod, Cox, Riewoldt) all fired. Bryce Gibbs was a late withdrawal but Rhys Palmer chalks up 107 as an emergency – love that kid!

Bad: Brad Johnson and Pavlich down, Griffin and Nicoski quiet, is Josh Hill on the slide?

Ugly: Matthew Whelan’s punch on Fev sees him miss a week but with Joel Bowden and Scott Selwood little to no chance of playing this week, we’re down a defender already! Bye bye Joel? Hmmm, might wait until the teams are out first…

Next opponent: 10th placed Scottish Boys

Potential changes/trades: Unless Bowden is selected to play this week, he is gone! Having only used five trades in this comp, Brad Johnson might be gone this week too…particularly as Stuart Dew is still injured and sitting on the bench.

Who doesn’t love Rhys Palmer!


3 responses to “Time To Geek Out With Super Coach and Dream Team (Fantasy Footy)

  1. This Devil's Workday

    Last week I made two big trades in Supercoach – Joel Bowden and Barry Hall.

    It hurt to trade Bowden – now I only have one Richmond player, Foley – but given his price, its too good an opportunity to buy a better player who actually gets games.

    Hall was an obvious.

    I do pretty well in tipping, but Supercoach is a different story – only 8,405 points. Maybe I need a few more seasons… and one of those books people buy might help. Would stop me buying players who don’t see the grass.


  2. halfbackflanker

    I had to trade Barry Hall last week too but held off with Bowden in case he went straight back to the seniors. But if he’s not in the squad for Sunday, I’ll have to cut him loose.

    I have a few Tigers…Foley as well plus Simmonds in the ruck and Deledio is in my Dream Team squad. I only have one Essendon player and that is Houli – thought about picking up Lloyd after Lucas got hurt…glad I didn’t now!

  3. Your doing outstanding in Dream Team, great week.
    Backs have been a problem we have been talking about on the Coaches Box Podcast all year.

    Best of luck.
    PS. You looking forward to the Eliminator this week?

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