Round Six – Medals For Everyone!

James Hird’s medal collection

Round six kicks off today with two matches, including the now traditional Anzac Day meeting between Collingwood and Essendon. Debate rages every year over whether the same two teams should play on Anzac Day but the Pies and Bombers have built up a fine tradition and are always mindful to pay solemn respect to those people who fought and died for us on this day.

One of the highlights of this match is that the best-on-ground is awarded the Anzac Day medal…most of which are hanging on the wall at James Hird’s place. But is it fair that the medal, which has grown in stature as this tradition builds, can only be won by a Collingwood or Essendon player?

So why doesn’t the League just award medals for each of the games this weekend? It’s probably not appropriate to hand out Anzac Day medals for games played after April 25th but there have been plenty of other themed rounds, trophies and medals introduced lately…

So, we here at Half Back Flanker are awarding a medal for each match this weekend! And because the Anzac Day medal became known as the ‘James Hird medal’ after a series of dazzling performances on the big stage, each medal will be named after a player who did kinda good in recent clashes between the two sides.



PIES by 16: James Hird can get involved all he likes but he can’t bail out the Bombers this Anzac Day!

CATS by 31: Wouldn’t it be a typically Fremantle thing to do for them to pull out a big game and beat the premiers at home but then go on to suck the rest of the year!

CROWS by 18: The Blues are on the improve but three straight wins? It couldn’t happen, could it?

DOGS by 27: Dogs should stay undefeated but wouldn’t another draw be amazing! Robert Murphy would get even freakier if that happened

POWER by 35: Now that they have actually won a game, the Power might get on a roll. They need to if they want to finish top-two again.

LIONS by 45: This would make it three crushing losses in seven days for Russell Robertson – what a crappy week!

SWANS by 11: Hard to see this match being anything but ugly…which means Sydney are specials to win.

HAWKS by 26: Forget the karma – something else will catch up with Terry Wallace this weekend…Buddy Love!!

Today’s action:


MCG, Melbourne – 2:40pm (local): Collingwood v Essendon (TEN)

  • Let’s hope we get to see that guy in action again real soon!


If you win the medal, can I drape it around your neck? Please!

Subiaco, Perth- 6:40pm (local): Fremantle v Geelong (SEVEN)


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