Why Is Daniel Kerr Smiling? (Media Street)

Five weeks? That’s awesome – I can skip playing on Juddy, have a run in this Hall Of Fame match and then take a couple of weeks off…fricken sweet!!!

A pair of old tribunal favourites have again felt the wrath of the Match Review Panel after Eagle Daniel Kerr and Docker Josh Carr were handed hefty suspensions last night. Both players would consider themselves a bit unlucky…Scott West’s head was lurking threateningly within two metres of Kerr while Gary Ablett’s right leg is clearly a smart arse and really needed to be taught a lesson!

Cop that – you stupid leg!

Kerr can reduce his suspension from five weeks to three if he takes an early guilty plea but he may as well just have a five week holiday…after all, the Eagles have virtually given up this year anyway! Besides, the Eagles seem happy for him to do what he wants!

Josh Carr, on the other hand, should take the early plea and spend the time away thinking about how he lives his life…

Exhibit A!

It seems that the Sydney Swans may have had one extra player on the field in the closing moments of the draw against North Melbourne on Sunday. The AFL is going to investigate the alleged breach of the rules and the talking point from here is whether the club will be fined or even have those two competition points taken away!

This will become a big deal for a few days…which will do wonders for the profile of the competition in NSW as a good scandal is the only way the Swannies can get into the papers up there! Not the front page, of course – that is reserved for whichever TV ‘personality’ has a drug/sex/talent problem that week…Sydneysiders are more concerned about Todd McKenney’s possessions than Darren Jolly’s possessions!

In all honestly, they shouldn’t lose the points as it appears to be an innocent mistake. In fact, they should be rewarded in some way because not only did it help set up an inside 50, but they actually took a shot at goal. ANYTHING that creates a Sydney shot at goal should be applauded and encouraged!

More footy news, none of which is being investigated by Adrian Anderson:


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