Party At Adrian Anderson’s House! (Media Street)

Hey, we just made 50 grand…party at AFL House! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

The 19th man saga from last Sunday’s North Melbourne-Sydney match came to a predictable end yesterday when the League slugged Sydney with a fifty-thousand dollar fine. While the Swans only have to pay half of that amount ($25,000 has been suspended), they keep the two competition points from the drawn result. But that loss of money will sting…they probably need it to pay for covering their home ground in foam!

The Kangaroos, who acted like they were cool with everything before the verdict, were understandably uncool afterwards but there is no hope of them being awarded all four competition points now. Obviously, all hell will break loose again in late August if they miss out on a finals spot by two measly points!

But this scandal now opens the way for the player interchange system to be further investigatedwhich will thrill Adrian Anderson no end. Plus, they now have twenty-five grand of Sydney’s money to spend on a sweet dress-up party!!!

In non-toga footy news:



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