Chad Gives Geeks The Finger! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

Ooh…hope I don’t land awkwardly on my finger and screw up thousands upon thousands of fantasy footy teams…AAAHHHHH!!!

The Chad has a busted finger and will be missing for a few weeks…spelling disaster for many footy-geeks, including Half Back Flanker!

Even though Chad battled on for the rest of the game and picked up some stats, the untimely injury to our captain resulted in a narrow loss in Herald Sun Super Coach. But, somewhat amazingly, Half Back Flanker managed to win match-ups in the AFL Dream Team and Eliminator competitions despite injuries to Chad and Bret Thornton! Lucky…very lucky!

Leading into Week three of the league competition, defenders remain the problem now that injuries and the continual omission of Joel Bowden are hitting hard. What to do…

Super Coach: 11,990 points, 13,135th place overall – slight improvement from last week in overall placing!

League: 4 points (1-2), 105.37% – 9th place.

Last Start: Lost to Dan’s Dominators 2,032 to 1,982 – narrow but costly loss due to captain Chad Cornes’ finger injury.

Good: Return to form for Heath Shaw, Pavlich and kinda from Brad Johnson. 100-games for Nick Stevens, Didak, Milburn and gun rookies Palmer and Rioli! Added Sean Dempster last week just in time for a decent 67 and a $28,000 value increase.

Bad: Quiet games from Troy Simmonds, Bachar Houli and Josh Hill…but the big blow was The Chad! He actually produced a decent enough score under the circumstances but nowhere near his average. And as captain for the week, to lose by just fifty points…

Ugly: Jono Brown…again! His value has dropped by around $150,000 sine the start of the year and to sell him now would be a massive loss dollarwise. On the flip side, having Daniel Bradshaw in the squad as a defender has been great…he just needs to help Browny out with a goal or two!

Next opponent: 2nd placed The Baits – we both have the Chad Cornes-Joel Bowden problem in defence so a good or bad decision either way could prove the difference!

Potential changes/trades: Defense…again! Right now, Chad Cornes and probably Joel Bowden won’t play…if Mark Nicoski is recalled after the Shannon Hurn injury, we might be able to hold onto Bowden for another week but then we would have no emergencies…a bit risky at this stage. The remainder of my cap and Josh Hill combined could get me a $500,000 forward…hmmm, tempting! And who to make captain without Chad…Pavlich verses Melbourne might be the go!


Hey, why don’t you help Browny out with some goals?

Dream Team: 10,958 points, 4,707th place overall – down a couple of thousand spots, just happy that it’s not more…much, much more!

League: 12 points (3-0), 115.03% – 2nd place – still undefeated after getting out of jail this week!

Last Start: Defeated Scottish Boys 1,682 to 1,460 – amazed to still win after a couple of key injuries.

Good: Pavlich and Kane Cornes – no surprises there. 120 from Brett Deledio – big surprise! Daniel Bradshaw and Nick Stevens with big numbers as well. Despite an average day, Simmons scored pretty well in Dream Team compared to Super Coach.

Bad: Injuries to The Chad and Thornton, the Blues defender to miss six weeks! Darren Pheiffer only managed a 23 but at least he didn’t get injured. Bargain buys Houli and Hill with down days…is the honeymoon over for them?

Ugly: Six of the seven trades made so far this season have been at the defensive end…and now Cornes and Thornton are out injured! One of these guys might have to go this week…and it probably won’t be Chad.

Next opponent: 8th placed Burnie Hawks…who has defensive problems of his own with Chad Cornes and Dustin Fletcher definitely out and Tom Harley in doubt as well!

Potential changes/trades: Will have to trade Thornton and with 50 grand left in the cap, we have 317,000 to spend. Brian Lake is the highest priced player we can get but quality guys who have started the year slow like Lindsay Gilbee and jason Gram are available too. What about Tadhg Kennelly at 302,200 Jarryd Roughead at 263,000?

Bye bye Bret!

Dream Team Eliminator:

The Eliminator is a knockout competition like the FA Cup…but with 131,072 teams being narrowed down over the months until one team remains. Anyhow, Half Back Flanker managed to survive the opening round after a narrow win against what is possibly the best fantasy name I’ve seen so far this season – Judd+Visy=$$$$Scum! So we’re now one of 65,536 Dream Teams remaining in the Eliminator – time to party!


One response to “Chad Gives Geeks The Finger! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

  1. This Devil's Workday

    My team has slightly improved and now I’m 2 wins to 1. I was literally just about to trade for the Chad last week but changed my mind for someone else. Phew.

    Rank: 96,690 = pathetic, but improving

    On the other hand, tipping I’m on 37.

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