Round Seven – Welcome Back!

We suspect that the reception for Juddy tonight won’t be as cool as this!

Sure, Chris Judd and John Worsfold look as happy in the above photo as most women would be if Sam Newman actually did resign. But West Coast’s 2006 premiership captain returns to the west as a Carlton player for the first time tonight and the question remains…what will the crowd reaction be like for Juddy?

When it comes to players running out for their new club against their old club, there have been few bigger occasions than this one. So this round of football will be known as Welcome Back Round – where we look at all eight games and highlight those players who have made highly (or not so highly) emotional returns at their former club.

Besides…with the AFLPA so freakin’ desperate to introduce free agency, we could end up with high profile players moving clubs much more often. So why not schedule a round where all the fans can show up and either cheer on or spit evil at their former club heroes? It makes as much sense as anything the AFL do with their fixture now!



EAGLES by 16: Imagine Worsfold’s reaction if his Eagles lost six matches in a row and, in the process, Juddy’s Blues move two wins ahead of them…it could spark an international incident!

CATS by 27: Can’t see the Lions knocking off the mighty Geelong at their home, particularly with Jono Brown stinking it up at the moment!

HAWKS by 18: We’re not sure what this ‘corking’ business is all about…but whatever Hawthorn are doing, it seems to work ok!

SAINTS by 39: All we’ve heard this week is how bad St Kilda are and how promising Richmond look…prepare for a change of tune after Saturday night!

CROWS by 35: Wonder if the Crows will find a new and interesting way to screw over the Kangaroos this week?

SWANS by 25: The Dogs’ unbeaten run will finally come to an end…thanks to a predictably effective shut-down job from Sydney.

DOCKERS by 11: Freo should forget about returning to Western Australia ever again if they can’t beat the Demons. They may as well just stay put, relocate to Craigieburn and join the VFL!

POWER by 66: Port are on the rise, Essendon have hit the skids…this could get very, very ugly!

Today’s action:


Subiaco, Perth – 6:40pm (local): West Coast v Carlton (SEVEN)


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