I’ve Lost Some Seconds And I Don’t Know Where To Find Them (Round Seven – Welcome Back!)

What part of ‘Stop The F@&$%#g Clock’ don’t they understand???

Hmm, the League seems to be having a few timing issues at the moment. First it was a few lost seconds in the Fremantle-Geelong thriller last week, then all these kick-ass players that are due to play in the Hall Of Fame match next week keep getting injured playing in pesky meaningful regular season games. Now it seems that the game clock was not stopped late in last night’s Richmond-St Kilda match and at least ten seconds were lost.

As a result, Richmond’s Jack Riewoldt was forced to shoot for goal from outside 50 after the siren to try to win the game rather than have time to find a target closer to goal. Riewoldt’s shot fell short and the Saints survived a thriller!

But Terry Wallace is not the only one missing a few seconds from Saturday night. Half Back Flanker was fortunate enough to attend the game with access to as much free food and beer as we could handle. And let’s just say that a period of time just seemed to disappear…namely, the entire third quarter! So, yes Plough…we can relate!

Great hospitality and a final-kick thriller…what an awesome night! And you know you’ve probably had enough to drink when a) you are not completely outraged when one of you’re least favourite footballers – nay, humans – kicks seven goals in a match-winning performance and b) the people around you can’t seem to stop singing Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’ at the top of their voice!

But after last night, we will never forget how awesome Richo can be, how amazing Robert Harvey is at age 57 and that her name was Lola and she was, indeed, a showgirl!

Three other matches yesterday:

Today’s action in Welcome Back round:
SCG, Sydney – 1:10pm (local): Sydney v Western Bulldogs (FOX)


MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Melbourne v Fremantle (SEVEN)


Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 4:40pm (local): Essendon v Port Adelaide (FOX)


One response to “I’ve Lost Some Seconds And I Don’t Know Where To Find Them (Round Seven – Welcome Back!)

  1. Is a little silly how two rounds in a row we have had the same problem. The question is should the time keepers stop when the umpire puts his hand up or should it be when he blows the whistle?

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