Um…How Does The Club Song Go Again? (The Lost Weekend)

I’m so excited that I have the chance to sing again! Hand over that mic…

Zero from six, 51 points down…you could have been forgiven for writing off Melbourne yet again. Even the most optimistic Demons fan would have just settled for a spirited second half, maybe break-even on the scoreboard, or just see Nathan Carroll smash Jeff Farmer…legally or otherwise.

Instead, they got to witness the best comeback in club history as the Dees recorded a mind-blowing victory! Aaron Davey caught fire, Russell Robertson kicked a few and what about young Wanna…Whatta…young Austin!

Oh Fremantle, honestly! You make me SO mad! I…I just can’t look at you right now…

But in every amazing comeback victory, there is an equally spectacular loser. And does it really come as a surprise that Fremantle is the loser again? Matthew Pavlich did all he could, their second best player was an 18 year old kid and the usual crew of sucky suspects failed to fire when it counted. What is Mark Harvey going to do now?

So what previously looked like a one-horse race for the wooden spoon/kick-ass Fijian kid now appears to be wide open. The two clubs from the west are now level with Melbourne but don’t discount the mob from Windy Hill from sliding into contention!

In the other games yesterday, we had one small surprise but the other went to script:

A quick stroll down media street for some news:


One response to “Um…How Does The Club Song Go Again? (The Lost Weekend)

  1. I actually thought Robbo’s speech was good “its what we play the game for”..

    Nice change from players swapping clubs etc for money

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