Hugging A Total Stranger Is So Awesome! (The Lost Weekend)

Wow – we never get to cuddle, Browny! This is so cool!!!

Move along…nothing else to see here! The Hall of Fame Tribute match is over and the Vics scored a narrow win over…those guys in the white. While the passion and tension of previous matches involving state teams like Victoria was clearly lacking, we did see some exciting play and a decent turn-up too…didn’t get to see who won best-on-ground honours though. Channel Ten felt that half the nation didn’t need to see that!

The Allen Aylett Medal for best on ground goes to…hey, who’s this guy?

And how could this game be a true representation of the Australian Football League without at least one report, a streaker or an embarrassing time-keeping error…like this one?

So was all the fuss worth it? Does representative footy have a future in the AFL? Here’s a quick wrap of the post-game carry-on…

The League also held a massive Community Football Weekend where AFL players returned to their local footy clubs. With Jono Brown a bit busy with the Victorian side, Half Back Flanker stepped in for him and made an appearance at Friendly Societies Park for the Hampden Football League clash between the South Warrnambool Roosters (Browny’s old mob) and the Port Fairy Seagulls.

Controversy broke out before the main game when the result of the seconds was left up in the air, both sides thinking they had either won or drawn the match while the goal umpires couldn’t agree on the final score! In the main event, the Seagulls grabbed an early lead after a whistle happy opening term that included at least ten 50 metre penalties, including two 100 metre penalties in as many minutes for easy goals.

With former West Coast Eagle Ashley Sampi now running around (well, not exactly running…more like a half-paced hobble) for Port Fairy, the visitors withheld a late Rooster revival to win by 25 points. The Roosters are now winless after five rounds but the big question is this…did big bad Jono Brown really learn to play his footy as a youngster at an oval called ‘Friendly Societies’ Park? Friendly…that just doesn’t sound right!!

While it must have been fun for the game’s elite to pat a whole new set of teammate’s arses after a goal, the AFL we all know and lurve is back this week…so now all those football writers will have something constructive to do rather than invent imaginary games of footy to write about! Here are a few stories floating around:


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