Au Revoir Nicky! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

A pensive Nick Riewoldt comtemplates the turn of events that again screws up our fantasy footy team!!!

Refreshed after a week away from crunching numbers and investigating potential trades, the fantasy footy hat is back on. Shame…because until we put the hat back on, we had completely forgotten that another marquee player is out through injury! Crap!

However, we shouldn’t complain too much after winning league matches in both the Herald Sun Super Coach and the AFL Dream Team in round seven, plus staying alive in the Eliminator competition. But with Riewoldt now out for a while, another trade would mean 10 of the 20 available trades in the Dream Team comp will be used up by round eight!

Super Coach: 14,044 points, 11,076th place overall – which is surprisingly up by a couple of thousand…probably thanks to all those people who had late scratchings Gary Ablett, Simon Black etc…

League: 8 points (2-2), 105.15% – 9th place. Percentage is pretty good but not enough for a spot in the eight just yet.

Last Start: Defeated The Baits 2,054 to 1,965 – an upset win! Pretty even scores all over the ground but in the end, a big game from Troy Simmonds verses Leuenberger as the second ruckman proved the difference.

Good: Captain Pavlich with a 278, big returns from Heath Shaw and Brad Johnson (welcome back!). And the engine room – every midfielder and ruckman topped 100 points!

Bad: Four defenders with less than 40 points…hope that Chad Cornes is successful in developing that Tony Stark/Iron Man style robotic glove so he can come back this week!

Ugly: Daniel Bradshaw was probably due for a quiet one…but 34? And Marty Mattner could only manage a 26? Josh Hill is still struggling to match his early season form…should he stay or should he go?

Next opponent: 8th placed Carn The Hawks – spot in the eight up for grabs!

Potential changes/trades: Yet again, it was the defenders who let us down. With Cornes back soon and Bradshaw and Mattner coming back into form, may not need to make drastic changes just yet. Interesting to see what John Worsfold does with Nikoski now that season 2008 is virtually a write-off for the Eagles.

Tony Stark working on a robotic glove that will allow Chad Cornes to play this weekend!

Dream Team: 12,665 points, 7,444th place overall – another drop but still doing better overall in this comp than Super Coach!

League: 16 points (4-0), 114.63% – 2nd place – one of three unbeaten teams but well behind first on percentage.

Last Start: Defeated Burnie Hawks 1,707 to 1,506 – opponent lucked out with Ablett and Dustin Fletcher, his ruck duo of Koschitzke and Kreuzer also no match for Cox and Simmonds.

Good: Kane Cornes took over the captaincy from brother Chad and did well, as did Pavlich, Brad Johnson and Nick Stevens. Ruck duo was great and Houli, Palmer and Bryce Gibbs are keeping Ryan Griffin on the bench!

Bad: Back half…as always! Matthew Whelan’s late withdrawal with no emergency…a shame because Garrick Ibbotson was sitting on my bench with an 88…which was more than Bradshaw, Dempster and Nikoski put together! Won’t make that mistake this week.

Ugly: Nick Riewoldt. Knee. Should have figured this would happen sooner or later with the amount of tape the Saints have strapped to him just to hold him together every week! Stuart Dew is back in action now, which will be very handy, but what to do with Nick?

Next opponent: 10th placed McKane’s Hawkas…what’s with all these fantasy teams with Hawks in the name? They definitely need to make a couple of moves though with Chad Cornes, Daniel Kerr, Luke Hodge and Alwyn Davey all on the roster.

Potential changes/trades: Trading Riewoldt and reinvesting in a defender might be the way to go, plus we already have an extra 70 grand in the cap. But two trades this week would only leave another nine for the last 14 rounds!

Dream Team Eliminator:

Still alive in the Eliminator knockout competition after squeezing past Mick’s Demons by just 38 points! Though we are counting ourseves very freakin’ lucky after our opponent suffered three late withdrawals in Whelan, Brad Symes and Jono Brown. All he had to do was have one forward as an emergency and it would have been curtains for us!

So now there are 32768 Dream Teams remaining and Half Back Flanker is one of them! We shall enjoy it while it lasts…


One response to “Au Revoir Nicky! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

  1. Well done. I am hanging in their in the Eliminator, but it can’t last.

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