Round Eight – The Great Letdown

The best played against the best…now it’s back to play with the rest.

Last Saturday night, the best AFL players in the whole world gathered together to take part in the Hall of Fame Tribute match. There were no feral opposition fans, no mindless booing and no petty hatred – just plenty of love for all players from the 70,000 fans who packed the MCG to celebrate this great game. The event was such a love-in that supporters who hate everything that Carlton stands for were even cheering like crazy for Brendan Fevola!

But now, the superstars return to the regular, boring old AFL regular season. Fev will go back to being bagged mercilessly by rival club fans about his colourful past and penchant for a drunken outdoor wee. Lance Franklin…well, it won’t matter because everybody loves Buddy! But Jono Brown loved his stint as Victorian captain…will it feel the same this week running out in Queensland maroon?

Will these two boys ever get to cuddle in public again?

But this weekend of footy could be quite a deflating experience for those players who received the rock star treatment last weekend…a bit like your first week back at work after a fortnight’s holiday in Fiji! So welcome to round eight – The Great Letdown!



SAINTS by 20: Honestly, we like Collingwood in this one but we are tipping St Kilda…just to piss Grant Thomas off!

HAWKS by 1: Two exciting teams, two short and angry coaches…match of the round with a cliffhanger ending!

CATS by 38: The Tigers could have three Richos running around tomorrow and it wouldn’t make a difference!

LIONS by 9: Brisbane should win a tight one…unless Browny gets concussed, forgets what week it is and teams up with Fev in the forward line again!

ROOS by 15: Yeah, the locals will be amped for this game

CROWS by 35: The Demons might have scored a nice win two weeks ago but Adelaide at home is a different kettle of fish than a fragile Freo team away.

SWANS by 51: The experienced Swans should have no trouble against ‘The Kids’…formerly known as Essendon Football Club!

DOCKERS by 16: Freo only seem to give a shit when everybody else in the football world has given up on them. Expect them to win this game, think they are hot stuff again and then suck for the next month!

Tonight’s action:

The guy was sacked 18 months ago…but will St Kilda ever see the back of Grant Thomas?

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): St Kilda v Collingwood (SEVEN)


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