Choke On This! (The Lost Weekend)

Port coach Mark Williams in happier times

After a weekend off for ‘representative duties’, round eight saw the return of ‘the real stuff’. And the AFL automatically slipped back into the usual concotion of dramatic finishes, blowout yawnfests and hot air. It started with the football world doing everything in its power to send Fraser Gehrig back into retirement…are they totally insane? Fraser could snap at any moment…and we need this to happen on the field!

Retire? Shit no! My beard has plenty of improvement left in it…

But while we really need to keep as many colourful characters in the game as possible, there are times when you wish a player would just give up on being eccentric and different. Like Hawthorn’s serial show-off Mark Williams, who took time out from doing f@#k-all for most of the afternoon to make THAT choking gesture after kicking a late goal in the Hawk’s come-from-behind win.

Classy, dude…real classy!

Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson could not apologise fast enough after the match and having worked tirelessly to create a no-fuss outfit that does not want to draw attention to how good they are, this choreographed show of arrogance was probably the last thing he needed. Well, that…and he knows how crazy the Power coach can get when he holds a grudge!

I’d like to apologise to Mark Williams for what Mark Williams did. Mark should know better. I have a lot of respect for Mark and for Mark to do that…I’ve had a chat to Mark and hopefully Mark will give Mark a call. Not that Mark probably wants to hear from Mark right now…um, I’m confused!

Sure – it is far from the worst thing you could do on a football field, and Mark Williams (the coach, not the wanker) is probably not all that fussed as he has a long history of success and a premiership while the other guy has a history of dumb-ass celebrations and long, floppy hair. So if the Hawk forward is feeling a little remorseful now, just wait until these two teams play again…

I really don’t care what that dopey-looking, show-pony does…but I think Warren Tredrea’s goal celebrations are totally rad!!

But let’s forget about all the Mark Williamses out there and look back on the events The Great Letdown:


Don’t worry Tadhg…we have the technology!

My life sucks!


Sick of losing yet? Not Richo…

See you next time Kangas…can’t wait.


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