Don’t Read This Blog! (Media Street)

Be afraid, footballers…be very afraid!

Warning: this blog may contain vicious player appraisals that could lead to depression or attempted suicide.

Well, that appears to be the point of this little gem in the Herald Sun. The AFL Players Association feel that fan websites can get a little too scathing in their criticism and are encouraging players to avoid them altogether. Sure, the mainstream sporting media are constantly critical of teams, players and performances; most notably the publication that produced this article; but who should we fear? It’s the ‘cyber bullies’!

Forget that the Herald Sun, while offering endless analysis as part of their footy content, are certainly not afraid to criticise players, coaches and club officials. Sure, a minority of posters on fan sites like Big Footy and club specific sites like BomberBlitz can go a little over the top with their views and Half Back Flanker, while mostly harmless, can occasionally get carried away with their dislike for a player…Stephen Milne, for example.

But hasn’t this type of harsh appraisal been going on at football grounds, in workplaces and in pubs for decades now? And now having the freedom to express themselves passionately online and engage with each other makes these sites incredibly popular with footy fans, a great alternate source for footy information and somewhat of a threat to the more traditional institutions of football coverage. Which is probably why the print media went for the story in the first place…

Anyway, having taken some time away from stealing lunch money off virtual school kids, this particular cyber bully read the article in question and came up with a few points:

  • The spokesperson who supplied a lot of the quotes was Pippa Grange, the AFLPA’s General Manager of…get this… Psychology, People and Culture! Is that one of the more wankier job titles you’ve ever heard? Imagine how large her business card has to be to fit all that…
  • Do you think it is the smartest move for a member of an AFL body to describe a group of football fans as “a random sample of people with not much better to do”?
  • Not sure if Pippa has been to the football before but everything a player would read on a fan site (if they could even be bothered reading them), they have yelled at them on the field and on the street most days of the week…and it’s usually a little worse than that!
  • Mark Robinson doesn’t actually know what a blog is…he thinks that posting anonymously on fan forums is ‘blogging’? It’s like he just learnt a brand new word and is showing off by using it as much as he possibly can…but doesn’t know what it even means!
  • For the record, Big Footy is not a blog – it is a forum, a large online community as opposed to a single individual providing regular entries that are displayed in reverse chronological order, like us!
  • And, for the record, this wouldn’t be the first time that the online community did the research for Mark Robinson…you know, his job…

Healthy, happy and celebrating a win…clearly, this is an old photo!

Well, it’s all over for Melbourne captain David Neitz. A neck injury has forced him into an early-ish retirement and brought to an end a career full of accolades. He has achieved pretty much everything a footballer aspires to – most goals at the Demons, played the most games, captained the club, played in the 2000 Grand Final, got kicked out of Crown Casino. Even though he bows out of the game without a premiership and being busted weeing in the street, Neitz was still a great player.

While Neitz is a relative newcomer to leaving the game, Fraser Gehrig is an old hand (with old hands) but his second shot at retirement has been put on hold for the next couple of months. The bearded wonder has been placed on the long-term injury list while he recovers from…not being very good any more. Fremantle’s Matthew Carr also called it quits this week after issues with his fitness and being associated with his sniper brother Josh forced him to pull the pin.

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One response to “Don’t Read This Blog! (Media Street)

  1. I thought AFL was played by men?? Or are they played by little boys that give a stuff what some ‘not good enough to play AFL wannabe fan’ thinks?

    Get over it!!

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