Luck Of The Irish (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

AH, MY KNEE!! I’m sorry Half Back Flanker…I can’t go back on!

Irish eyes are definitely not smiling on our fantasy footy teams at the moment! First it was The Chad, then Nicky Riewoldt….now the fortunes of Tadhg Kennelly’s knee pretty much reflect that of Half Back Flanker. Well, mainly in the Herald Sun Super Coach but not even a fit and firing Tadhg would have saved us this week just gone…

But it’s not all bad news for our AFL Dream Team squad, who are yet to taste defeat despite having Nicky and the Chad out of action. And of course the Eliminator competition…did we stay alive for another week?

During the week, Half Back Flanker also joined the AFL website’s new competition…the Premium Dream Team! The major difference between Premium and the other competition, apart from costing twelve dollars for the purchase of a near-useless game guide, is that players participate in a live player draft to select teams rather than choosing your own side with a salary cap. More on that next week…once we have thought about who to choose and why etc…

Super Coach: 15,907 points, 16,461th place overall – down around 5,000 this week and, unfortunately for us, the downward trend may continue as the weeks go on.

League: 8 points (2-3), 99.21% – 10th place. That’s two straight losses…another this week and the finals may start to become out of reach.

Last Start: Lost to Carn The Hawks 2,331 to 1,863 – the mother of all hidings that sent the percentage back a fair way. Guess which team has Geelong midfielders and which one doesn’t?

Good: 145 points on a dodgy foot – Dean Cox is amazing! Jono Brown finally delivered while new recruit Robert Murphy and Swan Marty Mattner also topped 130 points. Rookie Rhys Palmer still producing the goods.

Bad: Hall of Fame hangovers for Daniel Bradshaw (48), Heath Shaw (45) and Troy Simmons (37). Most of the midfield underperformed including Nick Stevens plus state reps Brent Harvey and Nathan Foley. And then, there was this guy…

Ugly: Tadhg Kennelly writhing around in agony after dislocating his knee on Sunday. He had that look on his face that not only said ‘I might not play for a while’ but ‘when’s the next flight home?’ Fortunately, the injury appears to be not as bad as it looked but is it worth holding on to him?

Next opponent: 13th placed Roo Boys – good forward line and defense played one man short last week and still outscored mine! Luke Ball’s injury could be a bonus for us though…

Potential changes/trades: Could have a thread-bare defence if Kennelly and Cornes are both out injured and Mark Nicoski is all we have in reserve. If Cornes is back, maybe it’s time to trade Nicoski…and Essendon youngster David Myers might be a good trade option. His price will go up after this round and if he keeps getting a run in their defence, he will definitely be a busy boy!

Dream Team: 14,375 points, 10,122th place overall – both teams are sinking gradually but the Dream Team is at least firing in its League.

League: 20 points (5-0), 115.52% – 2nd place – still undefeated and probably our only shot at glory after our Super Coach woes.

Last Start: Defeated McKane’s Hawkas 1,710 to 1,432 – opponent missing Cornes, Hodge, Kerr and Ottens and replaced them all with…nobody! Virtually a bye week but will gladly take the points!

Good: Four midfielders cleared 100 points while double points on captain Dean Cox came up big too. Good returns again from Pavlich, Deledio, Osborne and Dempster.

Bad: Four players in the 30’s, including McLeod and Simmonds and Mark Nicoski with 29 – his days in ours or any other line-up, virtual or actual, might be numbered.

Ugly: Our unwavering belief that Matthew Whelan will fulfil his role as a bargain pick-up. We have held onto him in the hope that he will rack up stats in an overworked Melbourne defence but has only played twice thus far. Time is running out for him…

Next opponent: 15th placed Shamo…all Shamo’s eggs are in the midfielder basket but the rest of the squad suffers as a result.

Potential changes/trades: Regardless of what happens with Whelan, it could be Nicoski for Myers here as well…though we still have 70 grand in the cap so an upgrade is also possible. Ryan Griffin to start in the midfield with Houli as an emergency this week. With rookie Tiger Trent Cotchin’s impressive debut last week, it might be time to cash in on Houli or Craig Bird and spend the profits on a defender that won’t get hurt…

Dream Team Eliminator:

There are now 32768 Dream Teams remaining…and Half Back Flanker is still in the race! We were certain that Tiger Time would knock Half Back Flanker out of this comp but no…1,720 to 1,555. Heath Shaw, Travis Cloke, Kennelly, Simmonds, and Koschitzke all underperformed for various reasons and a big game from our captain Cox ensured that we live on…but for how long?


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