Round Nine – AFL End-Of-Year Party Fundraiser

This weekend is meant to be all about this…

But instead, it will be all about this!

This is supposed to be Indigenous Round – a weekend dedicated to recognise the contribution of indigenous players to our great game, the highlight being Dreamtime At The ‘G on Saturday night. But wait just a minute…it seems that the League has an even better idea that will benefit all football followers. Ah, no – actually it will just benefit those people at AFL House…

Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, the Sydney Swans had one too many players on the ground at a vital stage of the drawn match against North Melbourne. Well, the League didn’t really know what to do. So they looked busy for a few days and then slapped the Swans with a fine…one half was suspended but Adrian Anderson used the other half to throw a sweet toga party!

But the League couldn’t afford to have this blunder happen again and Mr. Anderson hadn’t tinkered with anything for a while so they put him to work on a new player interchange system. They introduced it last week and it was heavily criticised by the clubs…mostly because they didn’t know what they were doing and it was panic stations on the sidelines.

Don’t Panic! The AFL have introduced new interchange stewards…

Typically, the League thought that was totally awesome! So much so, they are actually going to start punishing clubs for botched interchanges as of tonight. And if the Swans are one of those teams, they will get slugged an extra 25 grand!

This has made Adrian Anderson about as popular as Brendan Nelson in the football world right now but that’s why he has the job…in which case, he was an inspired choice. But the team at AFL House must love him, especially when he is raking in the dough from club fines and holding kick-ass dress-up parties!

So, now this weekend will be known as AFL End-Of-Year Party Fundraiser Round! How much money will he raise this weekend? And, most importantly, what theme will he choose for the dress-up party? Our money is on Pimps and Hoes…

Adrian Anderson has already picked out his costume…



CATS by 30: Remember the last time these two teams played? Well, this game won’t be like that at all!

BLUES by 19: Well, they are playing Fremantle…

POWER by 4: Mark Williams is about to lose his mind right now so a loss at home could prove fatal…

TIGERS by 49: Richmond are the most improved side yet cannot seem to actually win a game…expect that to change this weekend.

EAGLES by 15: West Coast are pretty much out of the finals race already but will still win the odd game at home…like this one.

LIONS by 35: Brisbane should win and then we will get another series of ‘What’s wrong with St Kilda?’ articles to read next week. Can’t wait…

HAWKS by 51: The Demons faithful will gather as Melbourne send off David Neitz…but it sure won’t be in style!

DOGS by 26: The Dogs are probably due for a loss but we want them and Hawthorn to stay unbeaten before they clash next week…

Tonight’s action:

MCG, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): Collingwood v Geelong (SEVEN)


5 responses to “Round Nine – AFL End-Of-Year Party Fundraiser

  1. I don’t know how well we’re gonna do without Ottens. Every week he’s been out has been painful. Blake and West are just too inexperienced in the ruck. The pies are out for blood since our last match.. It would be so satisfying to smash them into the ground!

  2. Ottens could be the one key to Geelong ever loosing (along with themselves) but I dont see Collingwood beating them, they are pretenders (like St Kilda).

    Interesting that you have Eagles to win.

    and lastly, couldnt agree with you more about the silly interchange fiasco (my thoughts)

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  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Vulval.

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