Well…That Was A Bit Of A Surprise! (Round Nine – AFL End-Of Year Fundraiser)

I really need a hug right now…

Holy Crap! Collingwood were expected to give Geelong a good run for their money last night. Instead, they stole Geelong’s money, spent it on baseball bats and clubbed them around the head with them for two hours! Even into the third quarter, you expected the Cats to get serious at some point and fight back but the Pies just kept bringing the rain.

After the game, Mick Malthouse, the human handbrake, was his usual non-fun self. What’s wrong with flogging the undefeated reigning premiers and then getting up and shouting “How f%#@!$g good are we!” Mark Thompson, on the other hand, would have been pretty pissed off with the lack of fight from his Cats. But we think that having journos ask him whether his team really needed to get flogged by 14 goals just to keep them humble would piss him off more.

But the Geelong loss does mean that we have just two unbeaten teams left…and they are scheduled to meet next weekend in Launceston! Provided Hawthorn beat Melbourne (easy) and the Dogs beat North (not so easy) on Sunday, next Saturday afternoon’s clash will be the biggest thing to happen in Tassie since Open Day at the Cadbury factory!

Here is the rundown for the remaining games of AFL End-Of Year Fundraiser Round:


Freo celebrate at three-quarter-time last week! Um…do they even know a game has four quarters? And is there really a need for a trophy?

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Carlton v Fremantle (TEN)

Warren phones Hawk Mark Williams to talk about silly goal celebrations…

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 2:10pm (local): Port Adelaide v Sydney (FOX)

Nathan Lovett-Murray and Richard Tambling trying to remember what it’s actually like to win a game of football…

MCG, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): Essendon v Richmond (TEN)

Neil Craig had the boys working on the post-game song at training during the week…expect a big performance in the sheds today!

Subiaco, Perth – 7:10pm (local): West Coast v Adelaide (FOX)


Hey Nick, here’s two tickets to the gun show!

GABBA, Brisbane – 1:10pm (local): Brisbane v St Kilda (FOX)

Who could take this man seriously wearing that jacket?

MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Melbourne v Hawthorn (SEVEN)

He’s inside, has bleached hair, and wears number 12. Now go smash him!

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 4:40pm (local): Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne (FOX)


3 responses to “Well…That Was A Bit Of A Surprise! (Round Nine – AFL End-Of Year Fundraiser)

  1. I made the mistake of going to the cats game decked out in my gear.. expecting an inspiring slug it out til the end match full of fights and controversy. In the end I was hoping my navy looked like black on the walk back to the car, while cheeky children with magpies face paint blew raspberries in my face. Damn you lazy cats!

  2. Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    The baseball greats you should write about next!

  3. halfbackflanker

    If I remember correctly, I went to the link below and added my blog URL:


    The blog then appeared in Google searches not long after that. Don’t recall doing anything else so as far as Google news goes, maybe this step is all you need to do.


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