Round Ten – Welcome To The 21st Century!

With the first pick in the 2028 AFL draft, the Gold Coast Cappers select…Android RX50000!

Space travel, robot dogs, Ipods. Modern technology…how awesome is it! And AFL footy has seen some wonderful innovations designed to make the game bigger and better. There has been no shortage of wonderful advances in modern technology – all in the name of footy progress. Like the incredible bionic knee, hypoxic altitude training and a ‘Mind Room’ that uses biofeedback technology and sports psychology to prepare players to handle high-pressure moments on the field. Clearly, Barry Hall skipped training that day

Now the League has taken one giant step into the brave new world of technology and introduced computer technology to assist with the implementation of the recently updated interchange rules. Last weekend was the first where sanctions were applied to teams that broke the new rules and, sure enough, things turned a little scandalous.

After the inevitable screw-up, thanks to interchange stewards recording player movements on post-it notes, the League acted fast to adopt a computerised system for tracking player interchange. While there is no guarantee that everything will be in place in time, at least the humble post-it note can now be used for its intended purpose…to be stuck all over Adrian Anderson’s work computer by disgruntled co-workers at AFL House!

So let’s make this weekend a tribute to modern technology as we welcome the AFL to the 21st century and promote the development of more innovations that will take the game to greater levels. How about an elixir that cures soft-tissue injuries? Or a tiny microchip you can install in the brain that eradicates skill errors? And what about a piece of technology that can help Melbourne get off the bottom of the ladder?

Hey, if we are really lucky, somebody might invent a contraption that will help drag Sam Newman into the 21st century…but then again, scientists might be geniuses but they are not miracle workers!



CROWS by 60: And that is being incredibly generous…unless the Scott Lucas comeback is amazingly successful!

PIES by 29: The game straight after an amazing performance can sometimes be fraught with danger…but surely they could slip up here!

HAWKS by 14: Hawthorn to win the Tassie blockbuster…how long will they stay undefeated?

LIONS by 8: The Roos love a good nail-biter and this one could be close as well…but they might be on the opposite end this week.

CATS by 45: You get the impression that Geelong are going to hit back hard after last week’s shocker…bad news for the Blues!

SWANS by 35: The Tigers will be confident but the Swans in Sydney are a touch better than the Bombers…

SAINTS by 11: St Kilda should rebound here after a disappointing run…but if you thought the local media was being harsh on the Saints recently, imagine what will happen if the Dees get up!

DOCKERS by 1: A real tipsters nightmare with both sides capable of losing from anywhere…will tip Freo with zero confidence and no real idea why!

Tonight’s action:

Modern food technology allows us to design cakes in Adelaide Crows colours…but they still taste delicious!

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 7:40pm (local): Adelaide v Essendon (SEVEN)


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