Crowbots Prevail…Just! (Round Ten – Welcome To The 21st Century)


Man, that was close! In the battle of man verses machine, those fragile humans from Windy Hill came within a goal of upsetting the Crowbots. The football was far from pretty and Crowbot Commander Neil Craig would have blown a circuit board had they lost but he appeared ok after the match. Matthew Knights on the other hand

No, I’m not crying…it’s just raining on my face…

Knights did manage to get a much improved performance from his struggling young side and has plenty of reasons to be pleased with what he saw. One of these days, his humans will rise up and prevail over the might of the machines…well, in a couple of years at least!

Here is the rundown for the remaining games as we say Welcome To The 21st Century :


Brodie Holland has designed his own space-age alternative strip…don’t think Eddie will like it!

MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Collingwood v West Coast (TEN)

The locals are excited about the start of the 21st century…little do they know it actually kicked off about eight years ago!

Aurora Stadium, Launceston – 2:10pm (local): Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs (FOX)

Brisbane are a successful club with a multi-million dollar turnover…can’t they invent some hi-tech pants that won’t fall down?

GABBA, Brisbane – 7:10pm (local): Brisbane v North Melbourne (FOX)

Tattoo removal via laser technology can fix this little spelling error…not that there’s anything wrong with being a Gay Premier!

Telstra Dome, Melb- 7:10pm (local): Geelong v Carlton (TEN)


The 21st century? No. Here’s one Sydney Swan who is destined to live in the 1980’s for the rest of his life!

SCG, Sydney – 1:10pm (local): Sydney v Richmond (FOX)

Auto-Tune pitch correction technology made people believe that Nick Riewoldt’s girlfriend could actually sing…

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): St Kilda v Melbourne (SEVEN)

These scientists are trying to come up with a reason why Freo are so shitty…no luck so far!

Subiaco, Perth – 2:40pm (local): Fremantle v Port Adelaide (FOX)


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