Check Your Head! (The Lost Weekend)




The AFL took a brave step into the future this weekend with the introduction of computer technology to keep track of player interchange. It must have been very successful because there was no carry-on about players coming on or off the field from any section of the football community in the past few days. But while some aspects of the game have moved into the 21st century, that long-held desire for a footy player to hit his opponent right in the head remains.

This was evident by the number of brain-crunching incidents over the weekend; starting with Brett Burton on Friday night and followed by a pair of incidents on Saturday afternoon – Robert Murphy on Xavier Ellis at Aurora Stadium plus Beau Waters on Shane O’Bree at the ‘G. Will they all cop weeks from the match review panel today and, if so, what does that mean for the hip-and-shoulder?

While getting smacked in the head is generally accepted as a part of football, the manner in which players celebrate kicking a goal might now be getting a little out of hand. Take young Magpie Dale Thomas for example.

Hiya Big Boy! My oh my…you are VERY happy to see me, aren’t you!!!

Having, to his credit, taken four bounces on the way to kicking an impressive running goal, his celebration turned a little saucy – the kid dropping to his knees and looking directly into the eyes of the Eagles player as he rolled his shoulders and shook a pair of imaginary tassels at him!

Celebrating like a clown is fine…it happens every week and while some don’t like it, no big deal really. But when you drop to your knees, right in front of your opponent and gaze into their eyes whilst shaking your imaginary tits at them…that doesn’t say ‘clown’, that says ‘sex worker’!

Half Back Flanker suggests putting you tits away…the only role that sex workers should play in our great game is to get with Wayne Carey and then wonder why things don’t work out!

Here’s a wrap of all the events of Welcome To The 21st Century Round:


So Chris, first Fremantle and now Melbourne…why does everything you touch turn to shit?


Yeah!!! How F&$@#%g Good Am I!!! Yeah!!! YEAH!!!

Brad Johnson receives medical treatment after teammates ‘remind’ him that they would still be unbeaten if he hadn’t missed that goal last week.

Relax Lions fans…Browny is ok! Besides, if he is injured then Bradshaw would just kick 12 goals per game anyways!


4 responses to “Check Your Head! (The Lost Weekend)

  1. So you think the head high hits will see them out?

    Waters has a history, Murphy was not going for the ball but i think Burton will be ok.

  2. They are all goners. I can’t believe people think Burton will get off. I don’t think any will get off but if one does I would have my money on Waters as he almost touches the ball in his incident (see video here of three incidents) but they are all G A W N, Gawn!

    On the question of them all getting weeks and what it means for the Bump, I think Llyodee hit it on the head when he said players need to take more care!


  3. leave thomas aloan its not fair what if he did it 2 u just coz u think that u r the best i would think again !!! dale thomas is so much better then u !!!

  4. Umm… Thomas….. Nice Photo

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